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  1. topsy

    So there will be an enquiry into Hickey’s tickets but no witness can be compelled to “turn up”. Typical Irish nonsense. FFS. Thank god for the Brazilian police.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Absolutely gas that people are holding up Brazil as some kind of paragon of justice.

    Like they never paid to the stunning corruption that has engulfed the country.

    Guess it doesn’t fit into the “Ireland Is The Worst Country In The World” misery porn.

    1. Twunt

      If it were up to the Irish authorities there would be no investigation. This has been know about since the last Olympics. We have been shamed into having one, and as usual it will be utterly toothless and nobody will face punishment from any ‘findings’.

      Prone and here media group are trying to manage the message in Ireland, but the Brazilians are making a horllix of that. So fair play to them, they are doing something we never would or could do.

    2. Nigel

      The fact that Brazil is not a paragon of justice is just one of the many ironic elements that make this so breathtaking. There’s so much irony involved Alanis Morisette could have turned it into a ten-hour angst-rock opera.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      An issue which has nothing to do with it if you had bothered to read about anything about it.

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Where are they “cutting corners”? Because none of the issues raised are that. Ever worked in a medical clinic? Because then you would understand what they are talking about.

          Almost like you’re talking out your hole as usual.

          1. newsjustin

            “…..raised concerns about the provider’s corporate and clinical governance arrangements and patient safety protocols in specific areas”.”

            Sounds like a real stand-up organisation with no corner cutting at all, doesn’t it Don.

            You welcome the halt in unsafe abortions surely Don – don’t you?

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Again, you clearly do not understand what corner cutting means out what has happened.

            And the classic follow-up accusation. It would be funny if it wasn’t so predicable and stupid.

        2. newsjustin

          “The CQC became concerned during routine inspections of clinics, it said. As a result, it carried out an unannounced inspection of Marie Stopes International’s corporate headquarters in England last month and of its call centre last Friday. In its statement, it said it had “raised concerns about the provider’s corporate and clinical governance arrangements and patient safety protocols in specific areas”.”

          Classic corner cutting. Lack of clinical, corporate and patient safety protocols. Aka a shambles. Obviously managing their cost of sales quite agressively. Must have shrewd business managers – though this has clearly backfired.

          “Fitzgibbon of BPAS said: “We worry that there is an enormous drive to demonise abortion providers in general.””

          Says the marketing manager of BPAS – Marie Stopes competitor, worried that the industry regulator is actually trying to regulate for the safety of women.


          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            News is always so concerned, so concerned about women. Even the two tweeting their journey to London today. Such concern. Wow.

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Sorry to shock you zomg but there are already lots of documentaries about abortion.

          3. Zuppy International

            But documentaries are too blasé for the target audience of ADHD millennials. We need to add some reality elements and a gotcha title. Something like:

            ‘The Murder Room’


            ‘Celebrity Abortion Clinic’

          4. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I like ‘Woman takes pill, has heavier than normal period’ personally.

          5. Zuppy International

            That’s not a TV show. It’s an Instagram post or a Facebook status at best.

            Risk, jeopardy, blood, guts and tears are the key to ratings.

            You need to think bigger Dόn ‘The Unstoppable Force’ Pídgéόní.

          6. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            How about just an insight into your brain? Ticks all the boxes plus added conspiracies.

  3. Casey

    #readtheactualfuxkingstory #thenyouwillunderstand #readingenablescomprehention #formostpeopleanyway

      1. Casey


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