Irish boxer Michael Conlan

Ognian Georgiev writes:

After numerous controversial decisions at Rio Olympics, the AIBA has apperently benched seven of their most established referees/judges.

Mik Basi (Gbr), Kheira Sidi Yakoub (Alg), Michael Gallagher (Ire), Mariusz Gorny (Pol), Vladislav Malyshev (Rus), Gerardo Poggi (Arg) and Rakhymzhan Rysbayev (Kaz) were leading the clique that Fightnews dubbed The Magnificent Seven.

The Magnificent Seven were appointed on a full contract basis. They receive a monthly salary of $5000. The 5-stars referees received additional benefits, working around the world in WSB and APB fight nights…


AIBA benches top officials after Rio scandals (

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9 thoughts on “Split Decision

  1. Starina

    and they wonder why nobody’s that interested in the Olympics anymore. corrupt judges and drugged-up athletes

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The Olympics and the FIFA World Cup generate far more interest for their scandals than their games. Who knows what goes on in the intermediary four years between tournaments while the spotlight is off them.

    2. rotide


      None of this is new. The most notable corrupt judge incident in boxing was in 1984 and everyone knows what the most memorable doping scandal was.

      Bolt and DeGrasse smiling at each other, Pullin’ like a dog, Phelps and refugee medalists are just a few examples of whyThe Olympics will always capture the imagination and that’s ignoring the emotion generated by every single medalist, record, PB and little piece of competition that happens in every event, every day.

      There’s always going to be a dark side and all governments and NOC’s and WADA can do is their best, but The Olympics will always be relevant.

  2. 15 cent

    of course there’s an irish lad in there .. of course .. any whiff of an opportunity to be corrupt and we’re all over it.

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