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    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      They have kicked butt so why wouldn’t UK papers celebrate that?

      They have no effective political opposition though so swings and rounders…

      1. Sido

        That’s very true, about their Olympic achievements. Though perhaps we shouldn’t be talking that loudly about places with no effective political opposition.
        I see Khan taking a poke at Jezza – the alternative on offer being a former PR man for Pfizer – wonder what could possibly go wrong.

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Except only idiots bring up the Pfizer thing. The Labour party will never go for the privatisation of the NHS being what they already did of course.

          Khan is bang on.

          1. Sido

            Its an opinion at this stage. I suppose my point being Khan can be as bang on as he likes (and indeed he is, from any rational electoral standpoint). It was the quality of the alternative I was questioning. Its the PR bit more than the Pfizer. You ain’t going to be able to sell anyone who as anything to do with PR, especially after the departure of pig****** Dave, who famously worked in that industry and was seen as the “heir to Blair”.
            The chances are “democracy will take its course” in the leadership election. And the three quid commies will have their man. Their are alt-right sites in the UK where humourists joke about being members of the Labour party. (That is they’ve paid their three quid to “democratically elect” Jezza)

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I agree but only because Smith is terrible. I’m not so concerned about what he did previously as I tend to base support on what people do. Smith is a massive opportunist though. Slippery.

            I have no doubt that some labour members are from other parties. I also think they’re are Pele with multiple membership. It’s a farce really the whole thing. Smith should drop out but I think there is a point being made re the electability of corbyn to the general public.

    2. topsy

      Mildred. The British have every reason to be “smug” as you call it. A magnificent games for them with Mo Farah wrapping up by winning the double double last night. Congratulations to our neighbours. Irl won 2 silver & our media went into overdrive.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Mo Farah has more connections to dodgy coaches than Lance Armstrong. How he is still running, I don’t understand.

    3. Charger Salmons

      What an incredible Olympics it has been for our neighbours on the mainland.
      A truly astonishing haul of medals for a nation of its size and,unlike the knuckle-dragging Irish boxer,it appears to have been done not with goofballs but proper funding and dedication from the athletes.
      This,together with the positive economic data confounding the architects of Project Fear post-Referendum vote,means the UK press has every right to report on the feelgood factor.
      Ireland,meanwhile,comes to terms with a ticket touting scandal that once again sullies this country’s reputation on the international stage.
      Never mind,let’s all go to the pub.

  1. Shayna

    Ah Jeez, the Irish half of the Peru 2 continues to court the media. It’s great that we live in a world where being caught by the authorities in a far off land for being a drug mule merits front page coverage?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I knew it would have been either the Sindo or the Fail on Sunday who’d help her profit from being a mule. That makeover and PR handler is paying dividends.

    2. some old queen

      She wouldn’t be on the front page if she didn’t sell copy? It was inevitable that one of the papers would buy the story as it is the first time she is really free to tell it.

      If she had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp nobody would care less of course.

  2. Moroccan rug dealer

    The murder of Trevor o Neill is deeply upsetting and he is a massive loss. Next we will have a garda murdered….what about internment as an emergency measure for the next 2 years? No more political yakking.

    1. manonfire

      George soros funding the pro choice movement according to the times

      just what is that horrible “former” nazi up to..?

      1. Sido

        Isn’t it sad that we are in a position where what amounts to an infringement of the liberties and human rights of Irish females, has both sides of the argument funded by vile, interfering American nutters, who think they know what’s best for the nation?

      2. Nigel

        The nazi smear is vile, whatever your feelings on various movements and campaigns being funded by billionaires.

        1. newsjustin

          It is vile. It was thrown at Jozef Ratzinger too. Real classy throwing that accusation at Germans (or in Soros’ case Hungarians) who happened to live through WW2.

          1. rotide

            10 seconds on wikipedia would give you the context needed to understand that quote Zuppy.

            You are a vile stupid person.

          2. manonfire

            Soros of the rockefeller eugenics movement
            Ratzinger who was in the hitler youth became pope (somehow) and then had to step doen because he advocated pedos (see spotlight film, the paper trail ends with ratzinger), thats why he had to step down and STAY in the vatican (arrest warrants issued for him)

            A pair of saints, worthy of being cannonised eh newsjustin

          3. manonfire

            @ Nigel who watches infowars? and quite clearly wikipedia is your first stop for facts considering how ill-informed you are, you have the critical analysis of a lemming

        2. Sido

          Its not really that vile is it Nigel? I quite understand where “manonfire” is coming from. You question whether it is right to call someone who interferes with democracy a Nazi (National Socialist) Well I think we can forget the National bit as Soros seems to be a committed Globalist. And his style of politics seems more on a par of Coudenhove-Kalgeri than Hitler.
          Its nice to know his “Open Society” back door techniques have won him admirers. And it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

          1. Nigel

            I think the Nazi thing goes back to the actual war and stuff that happened when he was a child, a bit like Cardinal Ratzinger’s membership of the Nazi Youth, but even less defensible. They’re saying he was, and presumably still is, an actual Nazi. So it’s not a Godwin-defying label-your-enemies-with-any-old-historical-evil thing, it’s an actual direct slur.

          2. Nigel

            And no, I’m not sure millionaires-who-interfere-with-democracy can be usefully labeled as Nazis, unless they can be shown to be actual Nazis. They probably deserve a new apolitical generic term of their own, with sub-labels that reflect their actual politics. I suppose there’s cold comfort to be drawn from the idea that there are millionaires-interfering-with-democracy with competing ideologies, so one faction doesn’t have it all their own way, but it still seems fundamentally corrupt.

          3. Sido

            Yes in the context, of his WWII occupation stuff, you’re right, it is a vile smear. From what I read he is particularly honest about what he did in that period.
            My interpretation of “manonfire’s” remark was different to your own. My apologies.

            He does seem to defy description – the best I’ve heard so far is that he is the James Bond baddies .James Bond baddie.
            The most cynical, that whatever his apparently “progressive left” globalist views – he is also a man who has made his vast fortune from speculating on chaos.

          1. manonfire

            “Godwin-defying label-your-enemies-with-any-old-historical-evil thing”

            Once a nazi always a nazi, the ideology never changes only the name morphs

          2. Nigel

            Stroll on you lying scuzzbag. If you accidentally tripped over something that was actually scandalous you’d discredit it by association.

          3. manonfire

            I’m not sure millionaires-who-interfere-with-democracy can be usefully labeled as Nazis

            Hahahaha yea an im the scuzzbag..

    2. realPolithicks

      “Internment” why not just suspend government and the rule of law altogether, then the fascists like yourself can run everything.

    1. Walter-Ego

      And i thought all Council internal reports were private, seems like both reporter and a member of Council staff broke some privacy laws. No doubt, leaked deliberately to discredit the girl but illegally.

      1. The Real Jane

        Also, her reasons for refusing are pretty fair. Clearly she wants to move into permanent accommodation rather than a potentially temporary place, which is fair enough. Permanent, secure homes should be available for people. It’s a scandal that they aren’t. Of course, the indo is trying to make it a scandal that poorer people won’t settle for accommodation that is not appropriate with craven gratitude.

        1. jonotti

          You are delusional. She is a beggar and beggars can’t be choosers. Renting is clearly beneath her but good enough for the rest of us plebs,

        2. Harry Molloy

          “The government are doing nothing to help homeless people” – I remember hearing that one.

          Of course you’re right though, there should ideally be more permanent accomodation available. Thankfully, that s is finally in the pipeline as per Coveny’s housing plan.

          So why not move into this 2 bed apartment in a nice area. One reason – optics

          1. The Real Jane

            Well my guess would be that once you move into temporary housing, you are no longer a priority for permanent housing if it becomes available. People in hostels long term will still be at the top of that list and she’d have to become homeless again for a further extended period to be eligible for something more suitable.

          2. Harry Molloy

            just happy enough with my lot is all. think she should be too. especially considering her child.

        3. Rob_G

          If she wants ‘permanent accommodation, she should get a mortgage like everyone else.

          The levels of entitlement in this country are actually unbelievable; offered a two-bed flat in a lovely area, but decides that it would be better for her burgeoning career in issue politics to stay living in a hotel room (paid for by dumb workers like the rest of us, most of whom couldn’t afford to live in Clontarf if we wanted to).

          It is the poor daughter I feel sorry for :(

  3. Lilly

    Pat Hickey originally due to fly home (first class) tomorrow. How long can Rio police detain him without charge? Zero sympathy for the guy – bravo Romano! – just wondering from consular POV, can embassy insist on his release if he’s not charged soon?

    1. some old queen

      I kind of wonder why a man like Hickey, with his big pension and no debts was even still in the job let alone involved in a fiddle like that.

      But it is not just him. Kenny, Noonan, Adams, Burton and across the pond both Trump and Clinton are pensionable. They are all far from poor yet none of them can let go of their power addiction. Quite sad really.

    2. Donger

      Just read all of the ST coverage of Hickey. Not much sympathy out there for him and rightly so. Seems to be an arrogant g*t. Delaney, Hickey, Blatter, Blazer and Warner – they’re all cut from the same cloth.

      1. rotide

        Of course they are, that’s why they are good at the internal politics that is inherant in those type of organisations

  4. SoLo

    A man I met once on holiday… He is paid to write this drivel? And worse still it’s on the front page. Badly written, self centred an boring. It also trivialises what happened to Trevor O’Neill.

  5. Anne

    I’d describe myself now as broke… ‘ turn to page 5 for the remainder of the interview .. ‘and fat and ugly and bordering on slightly ridiculous and deluded about my own importance’..


    We had originally planned to meet in Dax restaurant, close to his office, but the opening hours didn’t quite fit his schedule so I inform the PR woman that we will have to pick an alternative venue.

    She replies some time later to say that Gerald says “Dax will open for him”. So I put in a call and drop his name. Unfortunately, they won’t.

    i.e. Gerald who? Get the fupping bus, says your wan on the other end of the line.

    Seriously, what planet are these people living on at all..

    1. Anne

      At 6ft 4 inches and 19 stone 1lb, he wants to shed two and a half stone and — although the team have started filming — I am not quite sure whether the weight loss segment has kicked off yet.

      In other words, he’s a fat bastard…

      1. Anne

        Today he orders a spread of lamb kidneys, pommery mustard sauce and toasted brioche — to start — before moving on to a marrow crumb crust dry aged Irish sirloin steak and peppercorn sauce with a side of duck fat chips. It’s all washed down with two glasses of Chateau de Monteberiot.

        Yep, I think she’s calling him a fat bastard..

        1. Anne

          This isn’t unusual for the solicitor who tells me he eats out 19 times a week: “Seven lunches, seven breakfasts and then five nights.”

          Yeah.. she’s definitely hinting at something there..

          1. Anne

            At 3am on the morning we meet, he had crept to the kitchen to eat “two Twix bars, two Yorkies — four bars of chocolate,” finished off with a glass of Club Orange.

            She’s not sure if he’s started the diet though…

  6. Anne

    The compliments come thick and fast as we say our goodbyes. But the next morning he demands I pull the interview. He is not happy and I am confused.

    He has gone from inviting to whisk me away to Paris — “I can have two pilots on standby” — to threatening me with an injunction.


        1. Lilly

          Haha, I just read this. Thanks for posting it Anne. If I were a shrink – and I’m not – I’d say he’s chronically ashamed of himself. All that bluster, it must be exhausting being him.

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