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  1. Moroccan rug dealer

    Merriongate –‘ ‘missing” 200,000 of FAI dosh when John Delaneys father Joe was treasurer is a MOST interesting read. Written by Veronica Guernin if you google it. Ole! BRAZIL ole!

    1. Lilly

      Let’s hope we wake up to the news that John Delaney is also banged up in Bangu! I imagine he’s wearing pyjamas tonight :)

      1. Donger

        What a fantastic end it would be to the olympics. Better for Irish sport than any amount of medals. Teflon John has a knack of weathering storms but surely this one will be too much.

      1. Lilly

        I disagree. He’s giving interviews right, left and centre saying she was robbed of rightful win. It!s the elephant in the room.

        1. Wayne.F

          It’s absolutely none of your business what happens in a family other than yours, as long as it is not illegal. Curtain twitchers

    1. Mick Lamass

      The Bible doesn’t frown on men taking more than one “wife”. But gold medal winning Olympic boxers might have a few choice words.

      1. Wayne.F

        Mike & Cot, does it make you feel good? Her father has done so much around Bray for kids including his daughter he has raised an Olympian and a role model. Any private family business is just that.

        1. Lilly

          I don’t see anyone casting aspersions Wayne. It’s a little unrealistic to go around calling someone your rock for years, then expecting the public to ask no questions when you cast said rock into the wilderness.

          1. Owen

            I don’t think anyone was cast into the wilderness. I think it was a family issue, still is, and they have kept it that way. Quite clearly.

            It’s shocking to see that people feel they have some entitlement to know the entire background to every family in the spotlight. Go watch big brother. All you need ton know here is that Kate Taylor and her father are not training together.

          2. Lilly

            Oh don’t be so sanctimonious Owen. No one wants to know the ‘entire background’ of the Taylors. Just an indication as to what happened that caused Katie Taylor to change her phone number so her father can’t contact her.

          3. Owen

            Well first, that sounds like complete tabloid gossip, second, why do you have any right to know anything about it?

          4. Frida

            That tabloid gossip, as you so priggishly put it, came from Pete Taylor. People can’t expect to use the media to generate interest in themselves and their endeavours when it suits them, then turn around and attempt to shut down that interest when it doesn’t.

    1. Twunt

      Agreed, he is a very mediocre sports commentator. I wouldn’t be too dissapointed I I never heard Marty Morrisey again either. This is a great chance to purge many scoundrels and chancers

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        What exactly is Hamilton’s and Morrisey’s crime? Hamilton presents classical music now, not sport.

        1. Bob

          Hamilton was over there, don’t think he did any research on the sports he was covering, spent most of his time rambling and reading out Birthday requests.

    1. De Kloot

      Well… Apart from a couple of flagship Athletes, what the Brits did isn’t that complex…. A number of years back – after a miserable Sydney Olympics – they decided to invest. They targeted a number of sports where 1- the global competition was mediocre at best and 2- develop heavily in advance of a hopeful application to host in 2012.

      It’s exactly the same sort of strategy that East Germany took in the 1960’s.

      This is not meant as some sort of insult. They targeted where they felt the could be competitive and went all in with the dough. It takes that long to get to where they are now. Fair play to them.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        They did amazingly well. If they’re all clean in the urine department then the investment has truly paid off. The ripple effect is that the kids all have role models….though there are plenty ways to succeed in their lives than sport. Imagine the sponsorship deals being struck right now.

  2. Tommy

    How about a follow up to your popular series on Erica Fleming who has been forced to have a kid and live in a hotel by FG.

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