Downward Facing Pose




Colm, at Yoga Dublin, writes:

Our valuable street stand-up sign was noted missing, shortly after this video clip was taken at 12.58pm yesterday, August 22 outside our Yoga Dublin studio at Dartmouth Road, Ranelagh [Dublin 6].

We’d love to know & so would Donnybrook Garda 666 9200 if anyone saw the blue, flat-top pick up around the area, or this chap?

Bit of a kick in the asana.


Suit yourselves.

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42 thoughts on “Downward Facing Pose

  1. Waddy Dilson

    Wait so what happened?

    Am I right in saying that the following is what is believed to have happened?

    Car pulled up
    Guy got out
    Guy nicked your sign (?)
    Guards were called

  2. medieval knievel

    is this not a bit morally dodgy?
    sure, they may have suffered from a crime. but you don’t put a video up online and broadcast someone’s likeness when there’s nothing in the video to link him to it?

  3. Tish Mahorey

    Maybe someone was sick of your sign getting in the way.

    I’m sure the local cops will put their top teams on the case. Just for you.

  4. Vote Rep #1

    Is there more to this video or have we just decided this guy is defiantly guilty based on a hunch?

  5. Tish Mahorey

    I have a friend who is mad into yoga. She’s still neurotic. Yoga isn’t working for her after all these years.

  6. H

    How do you know what time it was stolen, maybe it was already gone when this chap just happened to walk past…

  7. spudnick

    The blue, flat top pickup that’s parked in Google Streetview’s images right outside the address?



    in the trade…129 yo yos including 2 posters..

    sure ye prob make that in 1/2 an hour


        thats the price for a slighlty used one, just so ye know like

        most peoples throw an old chain around the base…he has an oul gate there..

        but his fate in humanity has been tested, much like a hipster with a sh!ty lock on their bike in fumbally lane

  9. RiderOnTheStorm

    Q. What did the yogi say to the sandwich vendor at the ball game?

    A. Make me one with everything!

  10. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I posted a mildly amusing comment on this thread earlier on.
    It was about the camera moving, but not moving.
    It got deleted.

    I’m only posting very boring comments for the rest of the night in protest.
    – You made the rules BS. Deal with it.

  11. MC

    Scoundrels. For small business this is a big cost. Good for broadsheet for sharing. Hope they get the evil doer.

  12. Hashtag McMór

    Oh no!

    How will we find the path to enlightenment now, grasshopper? (Pulls out iPhone with Google Maps app)…

  13. java

    Colm from Yoga Dublin should get familiar with data protection rules on cctv footage, otherwise he could find himself fined. Unfair, but thems the rules:

    1. Colm Yoga Dublin

      Colm from Yoga Dublin is self employed has been robbed here, other businesses & home so much over past couple years he doesn’t care what it takes to nail these Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  14. Chris

    The council took your sign, I don’t now the exact rules but there are some very odd ones around signage, essentially often they are technically not allowed, my mate had a sign board for his garage, same thing happened, turned out it was the council. Blue flatbed indicates this as well.

  15. Trouble

    I’m confused, what did the sign say that it was worth stealing? surely for it to be any use the thief would need an identical business in an identical location

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