Oman Look At My Life



Robbie Keane

Today, I am announcing my decision to retire from International football following the upcoming game with Oman on 31st August in the Aviva Stadium [Lansdowne Road Nua[

It has been a wonderful journey for me to have played with the Irish national team for over eighteen years since I made my senior international debut back in 1998. I have enjoyed it all.

It has also been a great honour, for both me and my family, to have been given the opportunity to captain my country for over ten years.

As a young boy growing up in Dublin playing football on the street I could never have imagined the path my life would take – it has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Republic of Ireland’s record goalscorer Robbie Keane today


Robbie Keane Retires From International Football With A Wonderful Farewell Statement (Gavan Casey,

Pic: Press Association

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29 thoughts on “Oman Look At My Life

  1. rotide

    13th all time top international scorer, THAT goal against ze germans and too many more to mention.

    Godspeed Robert, You did us proud.

    Also, jaypers you know you’re getting old when the young lads start to retire :(

      1. rotide

        The main list that people refer to is the one that lists the top goalscorer from each country. He’s 13th on that. Once you include everyone (for example Hungary have 2 players with over 70 international goals) he drops to 17th I think.

        Still no mean feat, an outstanding goalscorer

  2. meh.

    Cue all the “It was his childhood dream to retire against Oman” jokers.
    This man is a legend – pure and simple. Not just for all the goals but for the participation, attitude and dedication to his team.
    Add to this, his work for charity…. and he does a few pretty good magic tricks.

  3. rotide

    Whoa, we seem to have found the one issue that unites broadsheet commenters.

    Is Robbie the hero we deserve?

    1. squiggleyjoop

      Close but not quite. I don’t see him as such a big deal. If Robbie hadn’t of stepped up then any one of Clinton Morrison, David Connolly, Noel Hunt, Leon Best, Tommy Coyne, Glenn Crowe, Caleb Folan or Daryl Murphy probably would have and done just as well. Probably.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        Is that the Caleb Folan who played for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich?
        The one from Chesterfield you say?

      2. De Kloot

        That’s probably the funniest and most ridiculous post I’ve ever read here…. and as we all know, there’s been some pretty special levels of ridiculousness…

  4. Junkface

    Well played on a great career for Ireland, and a great goal scoring record. My God, time flies!

  5. softlike

    Good old robbie, he will be sorely missed. A true ambassador for the irish team. keano keano keano!

  6. bertie blenkinsop

    Fair play Robbie, fantastic career, shame it never worked out at Liverpool, for both of our sakes but let’s not dwell on the downs when there were oh so many ups. :)

  7. Why

    why, why why! what a waste of an opportunity to give someone young player a game. why not retire@end of euros? why wait tuntil this game and then the bg announcement? what is benefit is this to anybody (except Robbie’s ego) to get one last run out against Oman — the might Oman….just to try and pick up one or two more goals. It’s a very poor decision to include him in this squad and with no new faces at all…a squandered opportunity. Jack Byrne ayone?

    1. Custo

      It’s a chance for him to have a proper send off in front of a home crowd against a nothing team in a nothing match. He deserves that after nearly 20 years.

  8. Why

    he’s a well paid professional who is been indulged like a child. He’s waved the fans multiple times, childish in the extreme for a player who’ll play no part in new campaign and this directly effect development of the squad. Not his fault Martin O’Neill picked him but you wouldn’t see the other R Keane behave like this.

  9. Why

    We have a qualifying campaign to get through, we have as serious game versus Serbia a few days after this. When we have injuries we will bemoan how we never blooded new players. If a wave to fans is really required (really!! ffs) bring him along and let him do it before,during and after the game but don’t waste a valuable squad place and hinder squad/player development.

    Why not just announce retirement and leave it at that?

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