How To Be A Great Taxi Driver



By Emma Doran.

Emma will be at the Dublin Fringe Festival (September 19-24) in the International Comedy Club performing her solo stand up show, ‘Liga, Lube and a Bottle of Gin’.

Tickets here.

Emma Doran on Broadsheet

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22 thoughts on “How To Be A Great Taxi Driver

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          You seem hellbent on provoking a row.
          You won’t be getting one from me, ultimately nobody wins in an Internet argument imo.
          Enjoy your day.

    1. Neilo

      When I think megalomania, I picture Bertie: a notoriously pugnacious and humourless martinet with a hair-trigger temper.

        1. Chris

          I don’t buy the whole ‘Rosebud’ thing, oh boo hoo, all he ever wanted was his sled back! Yea right it would have occupied him for about ten seconds then it would be straight back in to the ol’ megalomania. If it was that simple we could neutralize Rupert Murdoch with his first bike from when he was kid.

    1. WT_Thomas

      I liked it too…….very funny. Taxi Drivers – its funny how they all drive around on their own; none of them see what the other Taxi Drivers are doing or saying in the car; and yet they all manage to sound and behave the same way. And – pedants ahoy – when I say all, I obviously don’t mean all, but just enough to generalise……

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