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  1. Zachary

    Yikes! Dats shum shytle dere boss. De Spring 2017 look?

    Matching clip-on dickie bow, O’Neill’s ball and a GAA jersey? Very, very weird. Oh wait… Must be a Cork thing. Makes sense now.

  2. moroccan rug dealer

    Charlie Flanagan is definately politically interfering in the Hickey Rio case.
    Consular assistance has been given in Rio.
    Legal rep for Hickey is in situe.
    Medical care has and is being provided.
    Yet as priority he is to meet Hickey’s family and second solicitor in Ireland in next few days. This is clearly very , very wrong and unwarranted political interference.

    1. dav

      this is ireland, what did you expect, the elites are circling their wagons to put the plebs back in their box.

    2. Spagnolia von Hoop

      There is something incredibly shady about Flanagan’s actions here….like he owes Hickey. Damn sure that this would not be happening if you or I were banged up in Rio.

  3. manonfire

    That 19bn from Apple would build a very nice childrens hospital + knock a bit off the health deficit..

    Shame scumbag Noonan reckons we dont deserve it

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Somehow that’s not balancing out. A gang of construction workers having employment for a few months, a year maybe, versus the long-term benefits of a new children’s hospital, which we badly need…

        1. manonfire

          Ah sure the childrens hospital can wait, people have been waiting on that for a decade, they can wait another decade, Tim Cook is far more important.

  4. human

    Sydney rose finds rose of Tralee sexist and talks about abortion……. Feminists need to get a life seriously ….

    1. rotide

      That article is pretty painful. I’m surprised it’s not reprinted here.

      Maybe Bodger is still in bed :)

      1. Nigel

        Thought it was rather good read myself, and I generally have no interest in the ROT one way or the other – in fact I usually find the anti-ROT stuff way more tiresome than the ROT itself.

        1. rotide

          It would have been more interesting if she didn’t blow her own trumpet and confirm her feminism bone fides at the end of every paragraph.

          The behind the scenes aspect of it was interesting, however it sounds like she had no idea what she was getting into.

          1. Nigel

            Would it? I thought the emphasis on her own life and ideals and upbringing worked well as a contrast to how the competition is viewed and how it worked, the difference between who she actually is and how the show tried to present her. After all, the key point was to understand why a) someone like her would enter at all and b) why as a participant she decided to talk about the 8th. The lack of false humility and the pride she took in her professional achievements and her feminist ideals were refreshing, especially since she still came across as rather grounded and easy-going.

        2. Caroline

          It was absolutely worth it just for the “you’ve let me down” moment. That’s ice cold from him, and he knows it, because the worst thing you can say to a certified Good Girl is that she’s failed to comply with someone in authority’s expectations of her.

          Also worth it for the “what the f***?” from her mother; what a visual! Sure the screenplay nearly writes itself.

  5. moroccan rug dealer

    Hickey and THG’s co – ordinated response after Mallon’s arrest.
    Hickey’s email to Evans :
    “We are happy with this revised statement. DO YOU NEED US TO GIVE YOU SOME NAMES AND EMAIL ADDRESSES OF KEY IRISH MEDIA?”
    Evans ” No need Pat thx, but we have these”.
    It took 30 years….30 years…..for the family of murdered Fr Molloy to meet a minister of justice. Charlie Flanagan can facilitate a meeting with the Hickeys within days……something ROTTEN on this island.

  6. human

    Yis cant even have a simple auld ROT these days without these SJW dummies spoiling it…… do they even understand its not supposed to be taken seriously? its a bit of fun. If your to stupid or self centred to realise that then here’s a tip…. Don’t get involved.

  7. human

    Angry oppressed women from Sydney must immediately take over the ROT and make it a serious event focused on gender equality and the destruction of white male toxic masculinity. It must be crushed in its current form. Also we need at least 10 Muslim roses in BEACH burkas NOW!!!!!!! ROT must be smashed.

    1. Nigel

      Came for the interesting well-written article by the Sydney Rose. Stayed for the apoplexy of human. Turns out the ROT has valuable cultural contributions to give after all!

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