27 thoughts on “Liberalism

  1. The Real Jane

    I clicked on the context link. It’s people who want me to pay for something before I know what it even is.

    Good luck to them.

      1. The Real Jane

        Yeah, but I did do the required tests and interviews and checks before being hired. I didn’t wobble in and say “that’ll be a fiver. Oh, you want to know who I am? Sucks to be you, I’m only saying once I get paid”.

      1. The Real Jane

        Yeah, I don’t even now care whether it’s worth trying. I was initially curious, but you know, not that curious.

  2. rory

    Nice work Mick.
    I find it a bit disconcerting that ‘The Liberal’ only became worthy of criticism for the nicking articles bit.

    1. Well

      Oh yeah he didnt report the marriage ref results . He released numerous articles to try undermine it.

      He also put out articles about refugees that were atrocious.

      He wrote an article himself slating the luas strikers. Calling for them all to be sacked .

      He thinks he’s some sort entrepreneur and james bond.

      He is completely cucked by Donald Trump.

  3. Darren

    I see they are running another ‘Like & Share’ comp on FB to win a laptop with the winner announced tonight. What’s the odds a winner will never be announced and anyone that questions it will be blocked!

  4. Brendan O'

    Fernando Gomes-Sherlock, the new football writer for TheLiberal or Jitse van der Sherlock, Dutch correspondent for TheLiberal.

  5. Kieran NYC

    We should have a whip around for group therapy sessions for them so they might stop inflicting their obvious issues on the rest of the population.

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