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Hannah O’Hare writes:

I teamed up with Unicef Ireland and Aerlingus this year to design and print 100 limited edition t-shirts to sell and give all proceeds to Unicef.

Every year Aerlngus staff can apply to become a Unicef Ambassador and this year my mum who is Cabin Manager was awarded this title.

The t0shirts are available now [see link below] and are retailing for €15.

Aerlingus have been partnered up with Unicef since December 97′ with their “Change for Good” appeal.

The tshirts I designed was just another way of helping with the fundraising and to help make my mum’s year as ambassador as successful as possible.

Originally I wanted to do a plant that was native to Rwanda in Africa as my mum would have been doing a trip with Unicef in April, but coming closer to the time of designing and printing they changed the destination to Zambia and will be happening in November, I had this leaf design drawn up already so I went with that…

The tshirts were printed at Damn Fine Print in Smithfield who gave me a day of printing free of charge.

Hannah’s Tee (Charity Print)

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