50 thoughts on “Are We Hot?

  1. realPolithicks

    I love the stuff you do on Broadsheet lads, its very entertaining and often topical and I’m very thankful for it…but. I think if you really want to be taken seriously your going to have to take it 24/7. Lets face it, you’re essentially 9ish-5ish Monday thru Friday with occasional other posts. You’re going to have to go hard core if you want to start making these lists and award shows….go for it.

  2. bsteve knievel

    bs you occassionally infuriate me and dont print some of my comments but you are possibly the most engaging and innovative newsy website on the irish web.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      as a link to home and a bit of fun, news of politics and refreshing banter ( in a country strictly Sans banter ) I have been a fan of you guys for a while now … but lately there has been a lot of hate in the commentary and you just don’t listen when the people who bother to comment beg you to stop lowering yourselves… my take for what it’s worth

      1. Kieran NYC

        Yep. And the multiple troll accounts have been given free reign. So now most of the comments are from the same couple of people having the same fight day in, day out about the same topics.

        Also it would be nice if they took this policy seriously:

        “Comments and questions are welcome.

        Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, libel, abuse, bullying, incitement to hatred and hijacking the usernames of other commenters are not. In fairness.”

        1. petey

          agree (also happy to see misandry on that list, as a guy who’s been battered).
          I’d like to add, that some posters (no names) are aggressively and selfconciously weird and post alot and it’s it’s off-putting. not witty, just weird.

          1. Caroline™

            I don’t care about weird. I do sometimes worry about the cranky aul lads who come in solely to mash their own sick into the carpet and then sit in it. I don’t like to complain too much because we all know they’re not well, they know it too, but it’s just that smell of sick can be pretty bad.

        2. some old queen


          Ban multiple accounts.

          Also people who claim to be somewhere the IP shows they are clearly not. If they are using VPN then intimidate shutdown.

  3. sheepdog

    Don’t u have to pay to be “nominated” for this? Or at least buy a heap of tickets for the award ceremony?

  4. Frilly Keane

    Tis all my fault
    I’m just not glam enough


    Maybe I did ye a favour by not being included in that line up

    Just saying

  5. fluffybiscuits

    BS deserved a nomination on the face of it. The strongest elements of this site are its commitment to covering issues that no one else will and its research pieces. Gemma O Dohertys coverage of Mary Boyle, the economic s of the country and some great editorial pieces. It has the edge and capacity to go way above and beyond what it does now but I can understand if BS want to play a patient game and that is not a criticism in itself. What is a criticism is that some of the rubbish the site carries just makes it appear like BS takes two steps forward then one step back. Its the irrtating rubbish that LJG puts out for starters followed by mouth pieces for FF from the ex FF advisor fella. BS is not going downhill but its remaining on an even path and it has not gone uphill. The other thing that needs addressing is the pointless cartoons we see, some of which go above my head (and perhaps Im missing the point so apologies if I am). BS is hurting from not being nominated and when I see laddish click bait appears like it is run by drunk 20 something frat boys joe.ie being nominated its indiciative that BS needs to up its game. Perhaps I am in the minority I do not know however one thing is some of the stuff needs to go back to the drawing board but that is just my opinion. I will still use the site and read it and its a staple in my internet diet. Just because one thing does not appeal to me it might appeal to others. Its not my site but if they want to appeal to a wider audience I think its about time to review some of the content…

    1. Frilly Keane

      Jays thats a mouthfully fuffy

      Although I think its interesting that you mention the single ffer and not the 2 Soccie Ds

      as for how Joe.ie gets on the shortlist and Broadsheet doesn’t
      well …. I suspect it has eff all to do with LJG or anything else here
      or there

    1. Frilly Keane

      I would disagree

      but then you could well be referring t’me when you grudge about content so I’ll lay’ve it at that

      But here’s the thing about those shortlists

      I’ve only clicked thru to three of them via other locations/ shares
      D’xaminer, Breaking News and Joe

      and the others
      I’ve never heard of
      ‘cept of RTE and I’ve never logged in there either

      so that shortlist is about a meaningful as last Wednesday’s Herald
      and has as much substance as an out-of-date Frube

      1. fluffybiscuits

        Not you Frilly, its just a few elements that I think could be changed or removed to improve the site! Again im getting the BS for free so I dont have much to begrudge about buddy!

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