Do You Want My Liga?



Need a giggle?

Mother and comic Emma Doran (no stranger to ‘sheet readers) brings her one woman show Liga Lube and a Bottle Of Gin”  to the International Bar, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 from September 19-24 as part of The Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

Liga, Lube and A Bottle Of Gin (Fringefest)

Previously Emma Doran on Broadsheet

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10 thoughts on “Do You Want My Liga?


    as long is she is not using comedy as a vehicle to talk frankly to an audience about sex, sex & sex ‘shock horror..women really do like sex’ so young liberals can applaud her whether the joke is really that funny or not & the religious repressed can laugh up their sleeves with pursed lips

    so long as she is not watering down the increasing problem of alcohol abuse in young women by revolving a joke around how ‘shock horror..women really do drink a lot’ a bottle of gin was empty when she woke up on the couch the next day

    as long as she doesn’t construct a 5 minute routine around a topic you can relate to from your youth if you grew up during the 70/80’s in a 3/4 bed semi in a middle class environment

    she will be grand

    1. Korky Duke

      Well said Jimmy James……but i fear it wont be grand.
      Female stand up just doesn’t work….don’t know why but it just doesn’t.

  2. jbm

    The taxi driver video that was up a few weeks ago was the most baffling thing ever. Just making random comments about taxi drivers, no attempt at humour. Very odd.

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