Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform  Pachal Donohoe (right) and The Fine Gael Minister for Finance Michael Noonan  at Government Buildings this afternoon

This afternoon.

With the Cabinet agreeing to appeal the decision that ireland gave illegal state aid worth 13bn Euro to Apple….the following is reportedly what was agreed:

1. Arrange for annulment proceedings to be brought before the General Court of the European Union (GCEU) on State aid SA. 38373 (2014/C)(ex 2014/NN) (ex 2014/CP) implemented by Ireland to Apple;

2. Request the Attorney General to prepare the legal grounds in support of those proceedings and to take all other steps incidental to the conduct of those proceedings;

3. Propose the following motion before Dáil Eireann:

That Dáil Éireann:

(i) Supports the Government decision to appeal the European Commission’s decision that Ireland provided unlawful State aid to Apple.

(ii) Commits itself to the highest international standards in transparency in the taxation of the corporate sector;

(iii) Resolves that, no company or individual receives preferential tax treatment contrary to the Tax Acts and calls on the Revenue Commissioners to continue to observe this principle;” and

4. To reaffirm Ireland’s 12 and half per cent corporation tax rate

5. To arrange for a review of Ireland’s corporation tax system by an independent expert to be appointed by the Minister for Finance, excluding the 12 and half per cent corporation rate.


Apple ruling is aimed at harming Irish tax regime, claims Noonan (Irish Times)

Apple and state aid: the end of the affair (Vincent Boland, Financial Times)

Earlier: Apple Green


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17 thoughts on “Haven A Go

  1. Panty Christ

    Gov are going to lose a few junior ministers after that vote but gain a few new ones. Who’s soul is worth 13 billion quid?

  2. Ferret McGruber

    From Shane Ross: “One is that the multinationals provide jobs to the economy and secondly the very important principle in the motion that multinationals should pay a fair rate of tax from now.”

    From Now On.

    That’s the case closed right there then as far as Shane Ross is concerned. “Yes, your Honour, I won’t steal any more from now on. Can I go home now.”

    Ross, kiss your political career a big fat goodbye Son. Oh yes, and thanks for that. I thought you were different than the other corrupt shysters.

    1. some old queen

      Ross, kiss your political career a big fat goodbye Son. Oh yes, and thanks for that. I thought you were different than the other corrupt shysters.

      No. He is being honest. Yesterday is when you done stupid things. Not nice but move on.

  3. Martina

    “Independent expert” from the one the auditing companies no doubt. Step right up Kieran Wallace from KPMG who is Noonan’s favoured inside man.

    1. louis lefronde

      The large Auditing firms are crooked, and should have been broken up after the last financial crisis. They are no different to Arthur Andersen, they just managed to get away with it…..for the time being.

  4. louis lefronde

    So a company which is a natural legal person, pays less tax than a real person. Go figure?

    As long as Ireland continues to be run by ‘Spudheads’ it will continue to be corrupt.

    1. classter

      Much more corrupt are the politicians elsewhere who keep pretending that corporation tax means anything sensible in a world where multinationals can have operations spanning 100 countries.

      They should apply sensible consumption taxes & achieve more or less the same thing as corporation taxes without the arbitrariness & the loophole.

  5. niall mellon

    It’s a joke,,, no leadership no respect ,,, the people that voted for them have sold out The games have ta stop or the people well take the law in to there own hands and I do not won’t to see that happen

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