34 thoughts on “Not As I Do

      1. pedeyw

        Yeah, with the CCJ nearby it’s probably justified, if annoying. Does anyone know the legality of Gardai parking on double yellow lines?

        1. dav

          See pearse st garda station and the parking situation outside it. I think once the DCC tried to ticket the cars outside, the cops just bullied the clampers until they left.

          1. Tish Mahorey

            An Ambulance had a lot of hassle getting through there one day. Buses parked on the left with drivers absent, Garda private cars on the right and heavy traffic on College Green. No room to make way for the ambulance. Very bad.

    1. Anne

      I don’t know now.. but I think you’d probably be seeing an ambulance van then Moroccan.. an elderly woman needing CPR.. who you gonna call do you think?

          1. Deluded

            Maybe the Guards don’t want to leave their cars parked where they can’t see them, considering the people they have to deal with.

          2. Kieran NYC

            No, no. John B has proof this is the worst corruption in the history of the state. A few more leads and he’s going to blow this case wiiiiiiiiiide open!

          3. Deluded

            What it indicates, though, is how so much of what we do here is unstructured and vague and feeds into a system of knowing people and having connections and “shur, you’ll be grand there” no matter how many people are actually discommoded.
            Distressingly the supporting argument constantly refers to us being not-as-crap as some developing nation with no hint of us emulating grown-up countries.

        1. Kieran NYC

          What it indicates to me is that these guards were too busy going about their jobs to get pre-approval before parking in an emergency.

          Or else maybe they’re beating up homeless people because they’re evil. Who can tell!

  1. ALisonT

    Yes there is one rule for the emergency services an another for everyone else. That is how they can help people quickly.

    1. spoton

      In actuality there isn’t. For instance, emergency vehicles still have to obey traffic lights and have no right of way at a red. I would assume the same would apply with all rules of the road.

    2. realPolithicks

      That may be the case but it doesn’t look like there is any emergency going on in this situation.

    3. John B

      Ridiculous comment. Any other western country and they would be hauled before their boss. The Gardai needs total reform. There is zero accountability.

        1. John B

          The word agenda is bandied about Ireland lately by generally conservative types who don’t want the status quo upset. No doubt you are a ‘member’ of the club.

        2. John B

          What came first is the police breaking the law instead of upholding it. They might have some abused power available to them for parking wherever they like but the message this arrogant behaviour sends out is that they (you Garda Kieran NYC) are above the law and fupp everyone else.

          1. Kieran NYC

            I can’t wait until The Washington Post breaks your story. You’ll bring down the whole system with your proof!

          2. John B

            It’s the smaller stuff that matters when the perception is sent out that the guards are a law unto themselves . This has an effect on bigger stuff too. You might think this is irrelevant or petty but it’s very important that we have an accountable police force at every level.

  2. Anne

    It could be an emergency situation… like they really needed to get a doughnut and some coffee or something before the morning stroll around town.

    Seriously, what recourse do citizens have for this sort of behaviour? You’d love to see them clamped.

  3. Ray72

    If they need to park at the courts or they need to park at Pearse street, they should get real, reserved parking spaces there. Instead of pulling up anywhere they like and blocking traffic. There’s a reason people aren’t allowed park like that

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