18 thoughts on “Tipp Of The Morning To You

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Feck no, 40 years of watching the dubs has taught me never to be cocky.

            Just fighting fire with fire Frilly, you’d do the same yourself I’m sure :)

    1. Neilo

      Controversial observation here: I have a sneaking regard for the Jacks. At least they want to play a bit of ball. Mayo no slouches in this regard, either. This splinters in the ahnoos/fence-sitting masterclasss brought to you by Neilo.

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    Seeing that Dyno-Rod van juxtaposed with the craic-merchants responsible for its presence fills me with an enormous amount of respect and sympathy for the workers who deal with the aftermath of All-Ireland final days. Not all heroes wear capes.

  2. Reddy

    That pint clutched in his hand must be very stale. Or is Ryan’s one of these places like The Boars Head that can serve when ever the hell it wants while the rest of us mugs can’t get a drink past closing time.

  3. RichD

    A few guards drink in Ryans regularly, this supposedly gives them carte blanche to serve whoever and whenever they feel like it seems. Which isn’t annoying at all.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Ara would ye stop whinging
    Ryan’s, Rodys and The Fleet are Tipp pubs
    And always have been

    There’s no such thing as closing time on AI weekends

    Only when they head to the Burlo and off down for the homecoming is the bar put back together

    Alone alllllllll alone Abu!

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