Old School Swagger




Stephen Manning writes:

Sunday at Electric Picnic. Tucked away in the trailer park, two Irish beat boxers were brilliantly entertaining the crowd when the looked for volunteers. This cravat-wearing gent steps up and throws down some Class- A free styling rap. The subject of which was his cat, Eric.



STP writes:

Pink Moon Campsite, Electric Picnic, Saturday. Good times had, rainbows spotted!

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7 thoughts on “Old School Swagger

  1. human

    The cravat wearing gentleman runs that caravan with another dude….. He didn’t just walk up onto the stage…..Never let the truth get in the way of a good narrative….


    never the let the dosen’t need fixing use of the word ‘story’ get in the way of using the caned word ‘narrative’


        is more entertainn’ for me te lazyely writn noing fullwell that if the reader can be arsed de will desiepher it in any case

  3. Eammon Clancy

    This is basically how all would be poets sounded in Grogan’s at the end of a day’s drinking back in the early 90s.

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