26 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

      1. De Kloot

        I really rather think its more of a suggestion that you don’t poke around and pick up unfamiliar mushrooms…. I mean your snark is stupid on multiple levels.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I’m sorry, does it say at any point in the post he plans on eating the mushrooms? No. There have been posts here before of mad looking fungi, and generally people chip in on the type it could be, which was rather the point of my ‘snark’.

      1. Neilo

        If that’s available for iOS, I’m sold. Was out for a good hike on Saturday and saw a lot of interesting stuff to forage.

        1. hmmm

          I wouldnt be in a hurry to forage and eat any fungi without being 100% positive its ok, some lethal mushrooms look remarkably like edible ones

    1. lolly

      clearly not that mushoom as P-tinctorius is an earthball – puffball type of mushrooml, this has white flesh,

  1. lolly

    So I seem to be the only mushroom collector on here. not magic ones – I prefer my drugs to taste nice and to be consumable liquid form. I wouldn’t pick this. fairly certain it is inedible. if it is edible, it is not tasty enough for anyone to have bothered including it in a book (I’ve seen it before and not been able to positively identify it). When i look for mushrooms less than 10% of what I find is edible or worth picking. there are millions of mushrooms out there.

    why bother when there are lots of shaggy ink-caps and parasols all around at the moment. if you really want to identify it you need to take spore prints, take detailed notes about habitat (what kind of tree, is it growing on roots or on soil – looks like roots to me) and so on.

    if you are interested in mushroom collecting you need to buy a couple of books. the internet is not advisable as it is focused almost exclusively on species found in the US. the delicious shaggy parasol closely resembles a poisonous species common in the USA but not found here to give just one example. You need a book on Ireland and the UK – roger phillips is a good place to start. river cottage mushroom book is the best written starter book. there are a couple from collins which are also cheap. food for free by richard mabey is a must have also.

    1. lolly

      no, that is the common ink-cap Coprinopsis atramentaria – which will make you violently ill if consumed with alcohol. drugs have been developed from the poison found in the common ink cap. shaggy ink cap (coprinus comatus) is are perfectly safe. I have heard anecdotes of a friend of a friend who can’t eat them but nothing scientific so not sure I believe them. however you never know – a friend of mine is allergic to Morels and only morels which is very sad for her (they’re delicious).

  2. Iwerzon

    It’s the rare fungi – Death Touch. Releases it’s toxins through the epidermis. Death takes about 3 – 4 weeks. The subject feels grand until the last moment.

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