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The world of the doughty Oecophylla – a new animated feature from German educational design studio Kurzgesagt To wit:

Deep in tropical jungles lie floating kingdoms ruled by beautiful and deadly masters: They are sort of the high elves of the ant kingdoms: Talented architects that create castles and city states. But they are also fierce and expansionist warriors and their kingdoms are ensnared in a never ending war for survival. Oecophylla weaver ants.

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Stunning ultra slow motion (3,200 fps) footage of unusual insects taking flight recorded and narrated by Professor Adrian Smith of NC State University who used a blacklight to attract exotic species like the plume moth, eastern firefly and the rosy maple moth, which he describes as a ‘flying Muppet’.



Digital animations interpreting the trills, squads and coos of birds recorded during a visit to the Amazonian jungle by Austalian artist Andy Thomas, who tells Colossal:

I am fascinated with the idea of generating digital art that references the beauty and complexity of nature. I hope this piece will encourage people to research the many amazing varieties of birds that call the Amazon home, and remind us of how fragile and important this place is to us all.

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