Guess Who’s Bec?



Irish wrestler Becky Lynch

More scenes of Irish success from the world of sports-entertainment last night.

Dubliner Rebecca Quin, formerly of independent promotions NWA Ireland, One Pro Wrestling, Queens of Chaos and more, was of one European wrestling’s brightest prospects before a head injury sustained during a match in Germany necessitated a long hiatus, including missing major independent shows in the US.

Returning to the States in 2011, as an on-screen manager for Shimmer Women’s Wrestling, Quin signed with industry leaders WWE in 2013, becoming Becky Lynch in the process.

After a questionably Oirish on-screen debut for their NXT brand, Lynch settled into the brand’s nascent women’s division, becoming one of its mainstays and embracing her own sci-fi/fantasy fandom in the process.

Heading to the WWE’s main roster in 2015, Lynch has been a massive part of the company’s Ronda Rousey-inspired push for women’s pro wrestling and, in the wake of WWE’s on-screen roster split, has settled into the top women’s role on the SmackDown brand.

Last night, at WWE’s Backlash event in Richmond, Virginia, Lynch won a six-woman elimination-rules match to become the SmackDown roster’s inaugural women’s kingpin.

Chants of “you deserve it!” greeted Lynch’s in-ring celebrations from the thousands in attendance.

Meanwhile, later that evening…



Becky Lynch

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13 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Bec?

    1. rory

      I’m not hugely knowledgable of wrestling, but I don’t think it’s fair to put wrestling in the same category as LJG.
      Wrestling may be aimed at a similar age group to LJG and, superficially at least, both have a similar level of sophistication (with the story lines and acting and such.) But it takes a whole lot of physical where-with-all to orchestrate a wrestling match and there is a significant amount of potential pain/risk involved for the participants. It’s a tough old gig that requires a lot of skill.

      1. Nigel

        I wouldn’t want the real and protracted effort LJG put into torturing and murdering his own soul in a pit of fire and pain and shame in order to become LJG to go unappreciated. We just wish he had’t made that effort, is all.

  1. rory

    Congratulations Becky!

    One question:
    “Last night…Lynch overcame the odds and won a six-woman elimination-rules match.”
    I thought in wrestling they decide who the winner is before the actual match?

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      Aside from wrestling effectively exploiting the fourth wall as a regular storytelling device, yeah, that’s about correct.

      We all know what the deal is, but it was a nice moment, in-continuity.

    2. Chris

      True, an odd entertainment, but winnings belt seems akin to be given a leading role in a big show, with all the work that entails, so it is still cause to celebrate. It’s weird though if you’re not a fan, I read a good book written by an ex semi pro called ‘living the gimmick’ it was a great read, the authors name was Ben Peller, I have no real interest in wrestling but enjoyed the book, sadly, the author died two years ago he hit his head and drowned in a pool. His other book was ‘to live and drink in LA’ they were both great.

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    Nothing will top that time Sly Stallone came from nowhere to clinch the heavyweight championship of the world though.

    That was awesome.

  3. H

    I saw this and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Will she marry Sheamus now?’ I think that was my schmaltzy romantic inner child speaking, they probably aren’t even dating either in real life or in the ring….

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