‘I Didn’t Enjoy The Election… But I’ve Got My Mojo Back’



Taoiseach Enda Kenny speaking with Pat Kenny on Newstalk this morning

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to Pat Kenny on Newstalk this morning ahead of the party’s think-in starting today in Keadeen Hotel, Newbidge, Co Kildare.

The interview was carried out following reports that Marion Coy, chair of the Collins Institute, is to brief Fine Gael TDs and Senators at the think-in – on foot of a report she carried out about the party’s poor election results.

However, it’s reported, Ms Coy’s report will not be published – to the ire of some party members.

A second, separate report about the election is also to be outlined at the think-in by Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell.

From the interview…

“I didn’t enjoy the election, I had reflected on this in the summer. As I said, I’ve got my mojo back. We’ve got a huge agenda in front of us and I intend to go flat out as head of a partnership Government which is very different.”

I just didn’t enjoy it [the election]...I always enjoy elections, meeting people out and about, the arguments, the rows indeed and the discussions that take place. A peculiar time, obviously, changes that have occurred all over Europe reflected themselves here in Ireland.”

The people made their choice, we respect that. We put together a partnership government, obviously two Independent ministers at Government, third with the Independent Alliance and supported by the Fianna Fáil party in opposition…”

In relation to the two reports…

Pat Kenny: “What about the two reports; Kate O’Connell’s report and the academic report on why you lost so badly in the election?”

Enda Kenny: “Well, some very good recommendations there looking at the future…”

Pat Kenny: “Are you going to publish everything?”

Enda Kenny: “Well, obviously, when we bring the report to the Executive Council who represents the entire spectrum of the party, we will publish them, yeah.”

Pat Kenny: “You will publish these reports? Because there has been a demand from backbenchers and…”

Talk over each other

Enda Kenny: “The reports are a series of recommendations that I think are based from the politicians, in the very practical sense, to Marion Coy’s report which is a more academic work but which I think has really strong values set into it that I think will improve the lot of the party in communicating in dealing with a range of outside interests, in dealing with getting Fine Gael back to being a campaigning party on issues that really matter to people.”

Watch the interview in full here

Author of report on FG’s poor election to address think-in (Irish Times)

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26 thoughts on “‘I Didn’t Enjoy The Election… But I’ve Got My Mojo Back’

    1. newsjustin

      He tred to run the country into the ground? Really? Do you actally believe what you’re saying? I know it sounds stron and it’s a simple message, but do you believe it?

      Is it not just the case that he made some political decisions you don’t agree with?

      1. jambon

        I think it’s just the notion of putting a moron in charge would probably result in the country being ‘run into the ground’ , just a turn of phrase, really. Let’s not put any more morons in charge.

      2. Nigel

        I think the catastrophic incompetence behind Irish Water goes beyond political decisions people don’t agree with. People who are in favour of water charges have been as appalled by the manner of its implementation as people against them. There are many other areas marked by a lack of competence or initiative, and a lot of goodwill towards a government taxed with handling a recovery and reforming various systems utterly squandered.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            That’s just the tip of the iceberg really, isn’t it? The shady dealings, bills passed at midnight, a huge and very problematic lack of transparency, cronyism…

        1. classter

          Agreed, I support water charges (based on consumption) and I support the idea of a single water utility but Enda’s govt have made an absolute hames of the whole process.

          I genuinely think that Enda saw a gap for FF-style party that wasn’t FF and has tried to position FG as such – populist, shady, secretive, pulling strokes, cosy with dodgy figures, short-termist, etc.

          Instead he will be out-FFed by FF and we will be exactly back where we started.

  1. forfeckssake

    Someone really needs to push him out. He is clearly going to to try and cling to power as long as he can and is not going to go gracefully. He has the personality type of a dictator who convinces himself his self preservation is for the greater good.

  2. :-Joe

    noun mo·jo \ˈmō-(ˌ)jō\
    a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.
    (African-American culture), a magical charm bag used in voodoo
    Libido, sometimes referred to in slang as “mojo”
    Slang term for morphine
    a journalist in the field who sends stories electronically

    Hmmm…. If, EnnNNNDDDAAAAAHHHHHH !!!! has got his “mojo” back, what does that mean and what is he really getting at?

    Is it, his magical superpower, his voodoo charm bag, his libido, his morphine or his special reporter that beams information about news and current events to him electronically????

    or maybe all of the above???….

    You decide…


    1. Junkface

      “Hmmm…. If, EnnNNNDDDAAAAAHHHHHH !!!! has got his “mojo” back, what does that mean and what is he really getting at?”

      – it means that Enda can get erections again. You see elections kill his erections

      1. :-Joe

        It’s a strong theory but then how did he fix his erection?…

        Magic power restored, Voodoo incantations, morphine injection, telepathy ???….

        So many questions left unanswered and so little time….


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