For Your Consideration: Finding Meaning In Stranger Things



The latest video from Aunties GeekEasy Comedy.

In which George Fox talks about the Netflix series, Stranger Things, an American supernatural horror-science fiction series set in the 1980s, and looks back at other 1980s movies and their themes.

*Spoiler alert

Stranger Things

Aunties GeekEasy Comedy

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16 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Finding Meaning In Stranger Things

    1. Fully Keen

      It’s good.

      It really is. The music, the tone, the acting, the story. All nicely polished.

      Winona was great, if a little manic.

      This show was one of the best things out this year.

  1. Goodnight Ireland

    That was decent but the speech at the end about being the ‘best you you can be’ nearly made me get sick.

    1. Dav

      It’s a little trite alright, but methinks his sincerity shines through just enough to keep it down. Then again, it could just be me natural Irish aversion to such sentiments that puts me off…

  2. Holden MaGroin

    I heard someone refer to Stranger Things as the televisual equivalent of a really good cover band.
    Which I liked.

    Also Winona is really good in parts and really bad in some parts. The kids are pretty good.


    1. Kieran NYC

      One of those kids was one of the most annoying things I’ve seen on television for a long while.

      Enjoyed it mostly though.

      Even though keeping the three groups separate was a bit of a contrivance.

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