17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The Waterfront

  1. Kolmo

    Hopefully they’re are qualified government inspectors on-site signing off on the different stages to prevent a re-occurrence of the well-known dangerous carry-on in the bubble times..

    1. Anthony Finucane

      Seems that the apartments are reserved for the companies who rent offices from them to offer to their employees. Basically the ultimate dream for employers: “you live and work here, we provide you with everything so you never need to leave!”

      From the brochure: “Modern professionals want the complete package; to work and live in a thriving location. Capital Dock provides this opportunity. In a city where accommodation is at a premium, occupiers have the advantage of offering staff priority access to the scheme’s 190 luxury apartments.”

  2. philip slattery

    How high we build isn’t down to “oh someone please think of the skyline’. It’s because Dublin’s transport system is lacking the quality and quantity required to have an extra 1000 people coming and going in a specific area.

    1. Rob_G

      I think it is mainly due to ““oh someone please think of the skyline” – in fact, that concern is frequently cited.

      1. Blonto

        Don’t be fooled.
        The IFSC is slowly being allowed to go higher. Places like Sandyford industrial estate were once all 2 storey. It keeps the developers in business. 20 year lifespan on office blocks. Then knock them down and go 4 or 5 floors higher. Repeat in another 20 years.
        Someone has to keep the cranes in business…..

        1. Kieran NYC

          Good. Keeping Dublin looking like a town and spreading it for four surrounding counties is insane. Build up. Other countries seem to do it fine.

          Ignorance and fear of change.

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