Goodnight, Sweet Prince



[Adult Swim] animator and voice artist C. Martin Croker passed away last night at the age of 53.

An active producer for the Atlanta, Georgia-based peddlers of odd, fans will know Croker best as the voice of nihilistic praying mantis Zorak in long-running chat-show/cringefest Space Ghost: Coast To Coast and parody sitcom spinoff The Brak Show.


8 thoughts on “Goodnight, Sweet Prince

  1. human

    He’s a white male, Moyest , Don and the rest of the white hating racists on this site must be delighted he’s dead…

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          In fact, a fairly sad individual with many ‘issues’ which really should be addressed for the safety of the community ;-)

  2. Eoin

    Awe man. No. I was a huge fan of the show during the 90s. The episode with Buzz Aldrin as a guest is priceless. Space Ghost says’ So you’ve been to the moon then? Well I’ve never seen you there….Buzz? If that’s even your real name?’

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