Now And At The Hour Of Our Death



Ah here.

Ted writes:

This was in my Mayo neighbour’s window yesterday in Newcastle, Galway city. Maybe if he added a third Mary they would have won?

Dublin and Mayo draw in tense final showdown (RTÉ)

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33 thoughts on “Now And At The Hour Of Our Death

        1. Frilly Keane

          it was 30 minutes before Dublin got a score for themselves
          and that was from a placed ball

          and McAuley was poxed to stay on

          And for Cillian O to get that equalizer was justice
          pure justice
          Dublin were kicking the sh1te out’ve the skinny divil all afternoon
          and he was still standing

          1. Brother Barnabas

            A goal is a goal, Frilly. It doesn’t matter whether it goes in off the post, gets blown in by a gust or goes in off an opponent’s boot. Every goal stems from an error by the opposition at some point.

            That ‘sure Dublin didn’t even score for themselves until 30 minutes’ is just culchie resentment wrapped up in retardation.

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            “and McAuley was poxed to stay on”

            Aidan “Tom Daley” O’Shea was pretty fortuitous too I thought.

            The ref had a decent game, he did his best to let the match flow, thought McCarthy’s black card was very harsh mind you.

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Dublin were absolutely steeped to get away with a draw, I’d be extremely surprised if they play so badly again in the replay.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Don’t think it’s possible for Dublin to be as bad as that again.

      And don’t think Mayo will be able to raise their game again.

        1. scottser

          a great mayo performance and they still couldn’t beat the dubs on a day they were crap?
          TIS THE CURSE!!!! THE CURSE IS UPON YE!!!!!!

  2. AssPants

    Does nobody ever ask the question….. why the replay, why is it the GAA are one the very few sports that insist on replaying Finals, rather than settling the match on the day?

    Well maybe we shouldn’t ask the GAA per say, as they will give some political spin that will defract from the genuine question as to why insist on replays. I suspect the replay will be worth a good €1.5m of supporters and fans monies. So of course they will find ways to justify it.

    But what I really want to know is why the supporters and fans continue to put up with the daylight robbery of the GAA, especially when in recent years the GAA took circa €90m of tax payers money, in addition to corporate monies and fans ticket monies, yet the players are still not rewarded for the devotion.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      As sporting events go I think GAA tickets are very reasonable, particularly if you’re bringing kids to a game.

      What’s the problem with a replay?
      It gives everyone another day out, it gives both teams a chance to regroup and go again, much fairer than a penalty shootout or golden goal in soccer IMHO.

      1. AssPants

        You can have replays all weekend, and going on all year round…… so long as the tickets are free or €10 or less!

        When a state organization is reaping financial reward on the backs of devotion of athletes it stinks… I bet a small little prod into the mechanics of the GAA will reveal the workings of another OCI.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Feel free to check their accounts Anytime Ass

          They’re all online

          That 90million her cribbing about. .. Sur they generate that for the exchequer in Munster alone

          Go after the rugbee crowd if yer looking for looking to stir sh1te

          1. AssPants

            They may indeed post their financial report online and indeed they may generate circa €90m for the Exchequer, but don’t they get it back in the other…… As the public financial reporting, it’s about as transparent as a ski mask!

            Sounds like Kounty Kolours for you on a Friday night in Coppers :) :) :)

            And as for rugby (never hear of the rugbee you speak about)…….. another gang of “Old School Ties”!

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