17 thoughts on “Squee-Rex

    1. noc

      Yeah, I often agree with her, but that particular article was just a sour rant. What kind of photos does she want to see on her Facebook feed – endless selfies (because people can’t include anyone else in the photos without their expressed permission), sunsets or plates of food?! And that photos of smiling cute kids are ‘unrealistic’. Eh, as unrealistic as photos of smiling adults. Should we all only post photos of ourselves and our friends eating messily, going to the toilet, with angry faces during arguments or sarcastic rolling eyes, because, you know, smiling and posing for the camera is ‘unrealistic’. Choosing to share photos that show people in their best light is ‘unrealistic’. Spare me.

    1. noc

      Normally you’re full of sense ahjayziz but I hate when people say they ‘hate kids’. It’s as rational as saying you ‘hate old people’, ‘hate foreign people’ or ‘hate 20-somethings’. Children are people too – individuals with as many different likeable (or otherwise) traits as any other group of people. Every adult on this Earth was once a child. It makes me sad when people are so lacking in empathy towards kids that they’ll lump them all into one ‘hated’ bracket.

  1. Guess Who

    Cute as hell but why people feel the need to share these videos with strangers is beyond me.

    They’re treating the kid like a dog doing tricks. It’s a bit weird really. But still very cute.


  2. Kieran NYC

    Fuppin’ love dinosaurs.

    Still have a box full of Early Learning Center dinos in my parents’ house somewhere

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