Drawn To The Housing Crisis



‘Toon it may concern.

Part of a darkly comic response to the housing crisis by America-born, Ireland-based cartoonist Matthew Melis for The Nib. Full saga at link below.

Lovely penmanship, in fairness.

We Can’t Afford This by Matthew Melis (The Nib)

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4 thoughts on “Drawn To The Housing Crisis

  1. rory

    This post has reminded me of the following argument. If anyone thinks it’s wrong I’d be interested to hear their perspective:

    I’m getting the impression that soaring rents and increased homelessness are part of Government policy, rather than a ‘consequence of recovery.’
    The only way NAMA could work and banks could get their money back was to re-inflate the housing bubble, after all.
    Not to mention that ‘the powers that be’ in this country are usually owners of multiple properties. They’d hardly want see prices fall.

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