14 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

    1. human

      Not likely, No social currency to be exploited.

      Its an odd situation we find ourselves in when you will probably find more really interesting free thinking individuals at the ploughing match than at a music festival….

    2. Clampers Outside!

      I’d doubt it… I mean, the idea of going down there to speak to the target (religious over 55s and women) market that needs speaking to wouldn’t do well for the virtue signalling brigade… not enough high fives to be found down there on that subject.

      I wish they would though #repealthe8th
      My tuppence.

      1. Phelem Mooney

        See that’s it. The ploughing is ripe for a good ol REPEALIN’ but apparently continuing to campaign on ground that’s already won (the twitter echo chamber, electric picnic) is fine!

        I don’t see the sense. Maybe the REPEAL people are smoking something different from me.

  1. some old queen

    I am just thinking of the Grindr profiles around there today.

    Seeking strapping fella with tractor. Send picture of tractor.

  2. Murtles

    I remember seeing wellies with a built in AM/FM radio at a stand at the ploughing championships a few years ago. I wonder did they ever make it big? It was a newspaper article actually, I couldn’t go to the event in person due to my irrational fear of ham sandwiches and people who say “hang sangich”, “jaysus she’s powerful” and girls called Mary. Great event though.

  3. Frunobulax

    I accidently snagged eyes on the end of the RTE show last night. There was a great ambulating little ventriloquist’s dummy not only presenting but driving a tractor at the same time. The tractor was chasing a big football in a field with other tractors. Not a neck to be seen on the driver but he had wonderful painty black eyebrows to go with the curly mop top. I was agog. A small child there dropped his sandwich in the shavings at the sight. Cheap joke aside, Marty is the consumate professional and he deserves all he claims but still he’s comedy gold, sitting on the hay bales, leading out with a c&w Irish singer doing a southern US twang, yodelling racist epithets found in Lead Belly’s (and classic ’89’s Fletch Lives) ‘Pick a Bale of Cotton’. Strangely the singer left out the original “O Massa told de.. etc…” . If you pay your licence fee you were well served on RTE 1 last night.

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