Do You Know Michael Smith?



Barry writes:

I found three cards belonging to a Michael Smith dumped in a bush outside my office on Grantham Street [Dublin 8]. I’d say he’d be chuffed to get them back as they are all to do with his work.

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11 thoughts on “Do You Know Michael Smith?

  1. Murph Mikey

    maybe he was fired and would hate to have them back…as they would just remind if of that terrible day of being fired…..

  2. Caroline™

    Ooh that reminds me, my corporeal form is in terminal decline and my ultimate demise grows closer each day, each hour.

  3. Increasing Displacement

    ah Safepass….what a laugh those courses were

    this is how to life a box…

    this is why you dont hold live wires to your eyeballs…

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