A new low.

‘Whaddyanuts?’ writes:

A piece of schiße on a water meter that looks like our fair old isle. Spotted in Rathmines [Dublin 6] to restore some pride…

Human or canine?

We can but guess.

The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland, edited by Aidan Coughlan (New Island). A vast small number of copies still available.

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19 thoughts on “Ah Now

  1. dav

    probably part of the continued effort of the privatise water brigade to introduce crypto into the water supply and force people to have to boil it.

  2. Kerri Ann

    “Yeah, no, it’s going to be like a newspaper but entirely on the web. Not just news, but editorial stuff, cartoons, like a really vibrant letters page. The country is changing, and I think we could be a voice in that change. We can literally reshape the nation. Is that pompous? Maybe. I don’t know. Ask me again in 2016.”

    1. mamma roma

      aye that was before they realised they’d rather keep the ad money for themselves insted of paying for actual editors

      1. Frunobulax

        In fairness the fuppers do enough editing posts as this one here to keep them busy. And I do believe they’ve gone and blurred the ejectamenta too. Come on Bodger, another abortion post, haven’t had one in ages.

    1. munkifisht

      sh!7post is actually what I wrote. Poo post doesn’t make any sense and I’m sure that reading the word in english isn’t going to hurt anyone.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Let’s not get carried away. Not everything is a political protest Your Sheik has often fallen victim to the offerings left behind by various Shitzu. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! :-D

  4. John Cassidy

    Not meaning to be pedantic but if you went to the effort of putting the ß into the post, the least you could do is spell scheiße properly.
    You see, I have a degree in German. Aren’t I the right fella?!

    1. Caroline™

      You can hardly be accused of pedantry when you fail to capitalise the noun Scheiße. Where did you get your degree, DCU?

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    I notice a post of mine decrying the infantilism relating to salty language on this forum has disappeared. Pooo, poo, poo.

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