Where’s Me Jumper?



.Anon writes:

I was just wondering if you’d had other people writing in to ask about the Repeal jumpers you had up on the site in June. I paid for one, and have received nothing since save an email in July explaining that they’re very swamped and busy, and they haven’t responded to my polite emails since then querying exactly how long the delay is going to be. While I’m happy to donate and be involved, I don’t feel comfortable about paying for a good or service and neither receiving it nor any explanation or response. Have you had other readers asking?

We’ve had a couple, in fairness.


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52 thoughts on “Where’s Me Jumper?

      1. mamma roma

        we should have sent one to your mother that fateful night , might have given her pause before dropping a turd such as yourself out

  1. Joe Small

    Who sells them? There’s nothing copyright on them so presumably anyone could sell them? Do profits go to the cause or into someone’s back pocket?

    1. whut

      thats what i wanna know. I’ve seen em advertised, but it never says anything like “proceeds go to..’ , and also, what could the proceeds go to to help? because personally i think the way to win this is to educate people who are against repealing. something which the repeal crowd dont seem to be doing, and are in danger of hampering progress by simply shouting down the opposition. really need to educate and not make them feel inferior, wrong, etc. thats what happened with brexit, the remain crowd just booed and rubbished the brexit voters instead of educate, so they were made feel more ‘us v them’ rather than just be shown why. but yea, anyway, where does the money for these jumpers go?

      1. Kerri Ann

        From the REPEAL website: “We have partnered with The Abortion Rights Campaign, with proceeds from every jumper sale donated to them.”

        I don’t think you’re as far from the Abortion Rights Campaign as you may think you are. Their first stated aim is “To educate the public and policy makers about the need to give immediate effect to the X & C judgments.”

        More here: http://www.abortionrightscampaign.ie/about-arc

        I heard someone say she was emboldened to speak about her abortion on the radio because of seeing so many people in Repeal jumpers and realising she wasn’t a pariah. I think there’s something good in that.

        1. whut

          thats good to hear .. thanks for clearing that up for me. so many are on board with the repeal movement, that they will have to do something about it, i just fear the gov. are waiting for election year to bring it to ref to try win votes. that, or it wont happen until enda is gone, as he seems to think his own backward views should be the basis for the whole country. anyway, gotta just keep fightin the fight.

    1. Starina

      there’s nothing on it, though. i signed up for email alerts for whenever they restock, and that was way more than a month ago, with no updates.

  2. Turgenev

    Someone at the march told me she bought hers in the Repeal Project pop-up shop in Indigo & Cloth, East Essex Street in Temple Bar, Dublin 2

    1. Joe Small

      Better hurry before everyone has one and they’re not cool anymore.
      Zuppy will be bringing out his “Repeal the Fifth” range next year. Might not be as trendy.

      1. kellma

        This just says repeal, so you can recycle it for when we want to repeal the 5th. Who knew a jumper could be so flexible!

  3. Val

    I ordered my jumper in July, got an email saying it had been shipped in August, and another email in September saying that the courier had been unsuccessful in trying to deliver it so I could come pick it up the day of the march. Unfortunately I couldn’t, but I looked into the attempted deliveries, and it said they had tried to ring and left voicemails which they in fact hadn’t! Bit annoyed, while I’m glad my money has gone towards fellow women who I’m proud to support, I was really looking forward to wearing my jumper with pride in the west! The last two emails I sent to Repeal have gone unanswered, but I guess they’re a small enough setup on the jumper side of things.

  4. Guess Who

    Loads of people hanging out in cool hipster bars and cafes all wearing Repeal jumpers, looking at other.

    The people they need to convince are at daily 10am masses all over the country. And the younger generation of them are in civil service jobs wearing jumpers without repeal on them.

    1. forfeckssake

      The jumpers, murals etc aren’t supposed to convince people. They show the desire that exists for abortion rights in Ireland and are helping to ensure this issue is not brushed aside. It won’t be forgotten about even if the nonsense Constitutional Convention doesn’t recommend a referendum.

    2. Joe835


      Supporters of repealing the 8th amendment need to spend time convincing those they know aren’t pro-choice. There’s a tendency amongst the left in Ireland to attack “dissent” i.e. those that don’t agree 100% with them without mercy rather than have a debate. I think, like the Marriage Referendum, those in favour of change prefer their echo chamber.

      Obviously there’s real campaigners who do engage and do win hearts and minds. But we need a lot more.

    1. Nigel

      We’ve recently learned that you can’t trust pro-lifers with pregnant women, so I think the Repealers are still well ahead.

      1. Zuppy International

        So what happens after the “Repeal”. Are there any limits on abortion?

        If you want to change the rules we deserve to know what the new rules will be.

        1. Nigel

          We’ll have a conversation. Hopefully we can come up with something fit for purpose, unlike the Evil Eighth. You can post all the YouTube videos you like.

  5. mybrotherknowskarlmarx

    I’m one of those who’s in the same boat. No jumper, few answers to my repeated (very polite despite growing frustration) queries

    The problem is their communication has been diabolical. Meanwhile they’re ramming up multiple social media posts of slebs (and pseudo slebs) in jumpers…no chance of a response to my message then lads? No?

    Oh, OK.

    1. benblack

      There’s no boat – it’s in your head.

      The demon telepathic network is operating perfectly fine.

      Ha ha, you’ve no jumper – everyone who’s anybody has one.

  6. DubLoony


    Their site says they are currently sold out.
    As a guess, I’d say they are volunteers who were overwhelmed with the response.

    However, it wouldn’t take much to pop up a notice to say when they may be back in stock or apologies to donors who haven’t received theirs yet.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      There is a long tradition in Irish business of saying absolutey nothing when things go wrong or a delivery cannot be made – often for a perfectly understandable reason. Disappearing from communications is usually the next step.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      The Repeal jumpers are a one-person project, and she wasn’t ready for the level of demand. There’s a lot of people who’ve waited a long time for their merch as a result.

      If people are hankering for pro-choice stuff in the meantilme, the abortion rights campaign has a webshop with T-shirts and badges for sale, with the money going to the same place the Repeal jumper proceeds go.


      1. Zuppy International

        Is the bias is that this lot are a bunch of lying charlatans then yes, this story confirms it.

        I wouldn’t trust them with your uterus, never mind my own.

  7. Junkface

    Its great to see more and more people walking around in the Repeal sweatshirts/T-shirts, especially if it makes women feel more able to talk about it. Produce more!

  8. DMG

    Me too! i paid for one, it said it had been dispatched, but it never arrived and 2 emails and some tweets later i’ve never heard of anything. If the proceeds weren’t going towards ARC i’d have challenged it via my creditcard provider. I’d get if it had gone awol or if it was returned and they were too busy to resend but I have literally not heard anything back from them. disspointed.

  9. Fiona

    Ordered in July and have had no reply to various emails, tweets and a facebook message. I’m glad that my money has gone to a good cause, but not all of it will have- I presume some will have gone to making a jumper, which has now been handed to some minor celebrity. I could’ve just gave the entire amount to ARC. It’s been so long since I ordered that I’ve now moved address! Very disappointing.

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