Deplorably Good




From top: Donald Trump and Denis O’Brien

In fairness.

Mark Malone writes:

….What’s even more striking, no media outlet even offers a hyperlink in its own self censoring coverage to the actual press release itself.

The press release [at link below] As we can see, none of it is original content, or even amounts to any sort of political analysis. Its simply copy paste of pieces, mostly uncontested facts already written online. Much of it from within Ireland.

Irish media outlets might consider their choice not to link or include any specifics outlined within ( eg O Briens donating to the Clinton Foundation whilst getting contracts from the US state department for mobile phone contract in Haiti) as pragmatic.

That I’m afraid is internalised logic, which any observer can see is based on internalising a fear of O Brien’s power and justifying something political as a business decision. And that’s a much bigger news than any copy paste job Trumps team fires out.

Trump’s Press Release re Denis O Brien in full (Mark Malone, Soundmigration)

Follow The Money (Donald Trump/Mike Pence)

Trump attacks Clinton over links to O’Brien (RTÉ)

Previously: Meanwhile, In The No Spin Zone

Pics: Getty, Rollingnews


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29 thoughts on “Deplorably Good

      1. rory

        One thing that annoys me about that report by Caitriona Perry is her claim that Denis O’Brien ‘continues to challenge’ the Moriarty Tribunal. That is not the case:

        As Elaine Byrne has already noted on Twitter, language is important. The assertion that the Moriarty Tribunal findings are still being legally challenged casts doubt on them. It would have been helpful if the Caitriona Perry had clarified that DOB had failed in his appeal, and the findings of the Tribunal permanently stand.

  1. Truth in the News

    Did Trump get hold of the dossier that was the subject of court proceedings
    maybe he has a copy of the elusive memory stick too, will the Indo be doing any expose of the affair…..this is news concerning the election of a US president and now we have the O’Brien connection bogged down in it all…what happens if Trump
    gets in, thats when the yanks will turn the screws on Kenny and Co.

  2. nellyb

    “Denis O’Brien is aware of the remarks but his representative told RTÉ News that the businessman would not be making any comment in relation to them.” – he is not suing Trump? Big dog ran into a bigger one or something?

    1. some old queen

      It will be interesting to see if there is any legal action taken over this but I suspect the Trump crew have their a$$es legally well covered in advance.

  3. DubLoony

    Listening to morning Ireland today, they said they were not going to read out the allegations based on legal advice.

  4. DubLoony

    Ok, I read it all. Its hilarious!
    They quote articles from Irish Times, Guardian, Indo and daily beast.

    it includes the shocking revelations that O’Brien contributed substantial donations to Clinton foundation. I guess its a shock to Trump that Billionaires give their own money away.

    There’s nothing new that hasn’t appeared in the comments section before. Pathetic attempt by Trump.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      But what about you emotionally fragile shut ins that get semis thinking about both Trump and O’Brien’s awesome man power? It must be like when mammy and daddy fight for you vulnerable little fellas.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Arch as in chief or main. Cape is optional. I suppose it’s more palatable than a suit. The conflict referred to is two hate figures in conflict with each other. Which side does the left take? You’ll see more of this when the Gardai go out on strike. How will Rabble and their henchmen react when the consensus is ACAB?

  5. Mark Malone

    “The conflict referred to is two hate figures in conflict with each other. Which side does the left take? You’ll see more of this when the Gardai go out on strike. How will Rabble and their henchmen react when the consensus is ACAB?”

    Peter, I (or other folks of the left) don’t have to take a side in every conflict we observe. Nor do I hate Trump or DOB. And nor am I the chief or main anything, as much as my megalomaniac side might disagree

    Carry on though, its always great hearing those who use ‘SWJ’ expand on their thinking while missing several points.

  6. TheDude

    Was amazed he didn’t bring this up in the debate, though a deer in headlights is often lost for words. John Oliver didn’t mention it either at the weekend when assessing Clinton Foundation.

    1. Kieran NYC

      No one in America would care about a relatively insignificant (on an international scale), minor Irish billionaire

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