12 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get it?

    1. Sheila

      Yes and caught loads of seaweed. It was very choppy that day, so not surprising really. Another day I caught a small crab (rather he caught the bait) and when bringing him in (to set him free), he let go and fell off down a hole in the wall. I felt so guilty at the time…. I’m sure he got out. Sure of it.

      But we did chat to some locals who fish regularly and they catch this fish that looks like a small shark but is not a shark. I think they called them false sharks :)

      It was a few years ago.

      You’re non the wiser now really.

    2. Gero

      The fishing there this time of year is reasonable for mackerel and some pollack, but you will have to compete with a multitude of multinational anglers who take everything home, big or small. Distance casting essential. The place can be full of litter, beer cans, cigarette packs, fishing tackle wrapping etc. Best avoided at weekends. There are mullet to be caught on the river side all along the wall, while flat fish, the odd doggie or bass can be taken from the sea side given the right conditions.

  1. dav

    Any particular reason for the early morning fishing??
    Are the fish staggering home after a few pints and would fancy a nice looking fly or wha?

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