We’re Breasties






This afternoon

Hilton Hotel, Dublin

Mothers and well-nourished babies at at the Annual Conference of the Association of Lactation Consultants to launch National Breastfeeding Week 2016, October 1-7 where the Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland will be on hand to offer their expertise on breastfeeding.


From top: Alanna Garvey Quigley with Ceilin Garvey and Claire Fitzpatrick with Johnny Fitzpatrick; Camille Whyte with Rhys McEnaney and Claire Fitzpatrick with Johnny; Rebecca Murphy and Juliette McAllister.


57 thoughts on “We’re Breasties

    1. ahjayzis

      Well, speaking for myself and ALL PRO-CHOICERS, we disapprove of unaborted former fetuses being waved around in public so we’ll probably be outside campaigning to take these women’s choice away.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        DEFINITELY! Boobies are SOLELY for waving about in front of George Hook, or moi, or whoever :-) We do love dem Boobies – totally wasted on those sprogs.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Because of totally twisted and bizzarre thinking?? I dunno, perhaps I’m nuts :-) Maybe every single part of a woman should be parsed, analysed and condemned lest they get even more uppity?

    2. Captain freegear

      Depends which ones your talking about; there are the standard pro choice crowd and then there are pro choice nazis

  1. Orla

    Thanks for posting this. Breastfeeding can be challenging and a good lactation consultant can really assist in seeing a new mother through the challenges.

    1. inotherwords

      + +

      Ireland has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world, so all the support mamas can get is so important, as although it’s tough and demanding, breastfeeding is the healthiest option for both mothers and babies.

      1. Captain freegear

        Tell that to Harry the forward modern pro choice; he reckons it’s all disgusting as does ahjayzuz

        1. ahjayzis

          Breastfeeding isn’t disgusting you muppet.

          But you’re right, as a pro-choice person who believes it’s a woman’s chjoice what to do with her body, it drives me MENTAL when they make the choice to have baby. Feckin’ women, wha? Because National Socialism or something.

          1. Captain freegear

            Go look back on your old ramblings previous to this ya clown; you argued with me about breastfeeding and how breastfeeding mothers made all the rest feel bad; dime bar

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            Captain, I think I see where you’re coming from (correct me if I’m wrong, yet again). Younger members of the distaff side have made me aware that ‘competitive motherhood ‘ has reached a whole new level. Organic floor polish, and breastfeed the son and heir (a genius) until he’s 23. Is that it?

    1. smitty

      Some people really struggle to breastfeed, it’s not very common in Ireland and as natural as it is, it’s a lost art! Many woman struggle to breastfeed and the lactation consultants are a massive help on teaching how to get the baby to latch properly (for better milk flow) to how to increase your own milk supply. There is no “FFS” about it.

      1. Tony

        Of course there is also the option of using breast pumps which are going through a long awaited period of innovation now. All about improving the mothering experience in whatever way possible.

    2. inotherwords

      Feidlim MacSasta, try saying that to a new mother of a five day old baby who’s been up feeding the baby nonstop day and night and despite all the effort, energy and blood, sweat & tears, it’s still losing too much weight. Lactation consultants provide invaluable support to new mothers in helping to get babies to breastfeed and feed well.

      These comments are really depressing as one of the reasons cited by mothers who choose not to breastfeed is lack of support from their partner and/or embarrassment. Obviously it’s every mothers choice how they want to feed their child but the comments here show how there is still a culture of disgust, embarrassment and lack of understanding about breastfeeding, and as long as this continues then it will continue to be another obstacle for women to face when making choices about their babies.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s breastfeeding in public that’s weird. either go home or wear a burka (which is probably what they’re actually for). breastfeeding in public, aside from being gross, contributes to desexualisation of breasts, which, apart from being bad for society, kind of wrecks my buzz.

      1. Captain freegear

        Good man Barnabos forward thinking pro choice, make the baby starve cause you hate the sight of breasts being used for what they are meant to be used for; moron

        1. Captain freegear

          This is hilarious in its own hypocrisy; you want women to have a choice in terms of abortion for the women yet can’t stand watching a mother breastfeed her own baby; cardboard pro choice but secretly disgracefully conservative

          1. ahjayzis

            Is this your first week speaking English?

            Cretins like you are why I sometimes think we need a sarcasm font.

            But then we’d be depriving ourselves of the hilarity of watching you struggle to understand things your brain isn’t big enough for :)

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Yes, especially men who post under several different names on the same comment section. Very weird jus…captain something.

    1. Captain freegear

      Hard to find in Ireland these days; apparently pro choice is cool but breastfeeding is disgusting; it’s like too much

  2. LuvinLunch

    Irish people are weird about breastfeeding. It’s just women feeding their babies. Great to see this post. Normal people feeding their babies normally.

  3. Caroline™

    I think, in light of this 3rd degree facial burn of a thread, and with apparent exceptions approaching or equal to zero, that I’ll stick with my original comment.

    Men are weird.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Many women re firmly opposed to breastfeeding and won’t even consider or try it.
      Preferring formula to a natural method.
      That’s weird.

      1. Caroline™

        It’s not weird, not even remotely, and even if it were weird, it wouldn’t even be close to being men in this thread weird.

          1. Peter Dempsey

            Yeah, I am mansplaining breastfeeding.

            Based on my perceptions of it.

            I’ve gone back and read the comments – don’t agree with them. Breastfeeding is perfectly natural and should be encouraged more. People complaining about mothers breastfeeding in public do a lot of damage to it and can put others off.

        1. Peter Dempsey

          No – just came in at the end. Can’t scroll up on the phone. Have to go in via Safari rather than the App.

  4. some old queen

    Re: Comments above. Do plug in brain before resorting to sexual politics please.

    What percentage of naturists are uncomfortable with breastfeeding?


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