There is something going around, in fairness.

Earlier: Protecting Disclosures




“Regarding recent media reports, Commissioner O’Sullivan would like to make it clear that she was not privy to nor approved of any action designed to target any Garda employee who may have made a protected disclosure and would condemn any such action. It would be inappropriate for An Garda Síochána to comment on the specifics of any protected disclosure.”

An Garda Síochána statement this afternoon

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26 thoughts on “Blue Flew

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Looks like an early “retirement on health grounds” might be on the cards :-) We’ll be paying that pension for a long, long time I tells ya.

    1. Neilo

      We’ll be paying for your free travel card and spot in Shady Pines for a long time too, homeslice. ;-)

  2. nellyb

    In fairness, there is a mighty flu going around at the moment. Laying waste to workplaces and homes.

  3. martco

    just did a quick straw poll at my place of work….

    thinking there can’t be too many countries in western europe where a statement from the Garda press office / Justice Minister is disregarded by mostly anyone with half an education as a bunch of laughable lies

    100% result in my place anyways – nobody believes them

  4. Tony

    A bit like Hilary’s pneumonia- and they are both women. Hmm, if she was a man it would be man -flu, and that would be serious.

  5. 15 cents

    so fake. pretending to be sick to not answer questions about the horrendous stuff she’s allowed go on .. if she was innocent of what we know she has done, she would’ve released a written statement from hospital. instead of all this “ah now stop the poor womans in hospital leave her alone, ah now lads cmon” .. absolute nonsense. is there anyone in power in this country who can be trusted? i mean really .. really give me one who you could unequivically trust. one.

    1. Bonkers

      Speaking of the Irish Times Tom Humphries anyone know when his trial is starting? Its been at least four years now since his arrest

  6. Walter-Ego

    While all this is going on, what happens the report that certain Gardai were helping drug dealers? Is it all being forgot about?

  7. Starina

    why? it’s something that could happen, does happen and wouldn’t happen if we had full reproductive rights in Ireland.

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