Mrs Brown's Boys XMAS SPECIAL Photographs by Alan Peebles

Monday, October 17.

At the Sugar Club in Dublin at 7pm.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland will host Alz Talks, an evening of spoken word and music. To wit:

Actor Rory Cowan (above right), who stars in the hit comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys is set to address a celebratory event hosted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland on Monday, October 17th at the Sugar Club.

The actor and producer from Kilmainham in Dublin is one of a number of speakers set to speak at ‘AlzTalks’ an evening of spoken word and music aimed at bringing dementia out of the shadows.

Rory will speak about how the devastating affect his mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s has had on his family.

Musician Brian Deady, and Emcee Sile Seoige will join a host of people living with dementia, carers and musicians for this eclectic event aimed at shattering the stigma and misconceptions that surround dementia. People with dementia and carers will present to a live audience and speak about their personal experience of living with the condition alongside musical acts.

Tickets (€6) can be bought here

Pic: Alan Peebles/PinkNews

Thanks Edel

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14 thoughts on “Free Monday?

    1. some old queen

      That really is a low shot. Where and when did Rory Cowan defend Israel’s actions against Palestinian civilians exactly? And besides, of what relevance is that anyways?

      Talk about witch-hunts.

      1. bisted

        …one memory that won’t be erased will be the antics of Rory Cowan during the last mass murder in Palestine…

      2. ahjayzis

        I do seem to remember him absolving Israeli forces of the deaths of little kids in strong terms a few years ago.

    2. Scundered

      And just how is that of any relevance to this event? If you dig enough into anyone you’ll find a plethora of stuff that you might not agree with, which shouldn’t affect your thinking on the stuff you do agree with.

    1. jambon

      The corollary of having contempt for someone who tries to justify child murder is not support of a sectarian murder gang, poo for brains.

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