What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



Minister for Communications Denis Naughten

Stephen Collins, in The Irish Times, reports:

The prospect of State funding for quality print journalism has been raised by Minister for Communications Denis Naughten.

Speaking to the Association of European Journalists in Dublin, the Minister said he would like to think that print journalism could draw down some of the money that goes to broadcasting at present.

…“The important thing is that there is content there that people can rely on,” he said.

The Minister said he would like the Oireachtas communications committee to look at the broad question of how quality journalism should be funded.

The public have respected institutions like our national newspapers. Like our national broadcasters, I think it is important that that trust remains there and I think it does need to be supported and that broader debate now needs to take place.


Minister raises prospect of State funding for print media (The Irish Times)

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17 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. Starina

    or to put it another way, “we already dictate what goes on the national television stations, why not control the newspapers, too!”

  2. Boy M5

    “The public have respected institutions like our national newspapers. Like our national broadcasters”

    But they don’t. And it’s the institutions who should respect the public.

    1. classter

      You are projecting your own feelings onto the rest of the country.

      Generally the public have respected those instituions, not always rightly imo but they have.

  3. Cllc

    Why should the print media have to adapt to the demands of modern consumers? Why not prop it up artificially with taxpayers’ money?

  4. Bonkers

    If its quality investigative journalism Minister Naughton wants then wheres his cheque for Broadsheet? Or Gemma ODocherty? Oh, that would fit his agenda of the type of *quality journalism* he wants.

    Anyway government spending being used to fund the media who are supposed to be a check and balance on the activities of government will never end well for the citizens. The Fourth Estate will become the Bought Estate

  5. ollie

    Very odd Clampers, as all of the print media is in the pockets of the government, or should that be the government in the pockets of DOBby?

  6. classter

    This, hopefully, is a non-starter.

    The argument for supporting tv & radio broadcasting is much stronger.

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