Brexit Early Doors



This year’s Football Manager game (TAFKA Championship Manager, lapsed fans) will simulate Brexit in the transfer market.

Providing players with three perspective scenarios as time rolls on, the in-game economy will either have a soft Brexit, with free movement of players and staff around the EU; an exemption made for sportspeople similar to entertainers; or a hard Brexit that restricts movement of players and staff.

Says creator Miles Jacobson:

“We usually try and keep politics out of the game because nobody wants it rammed down their throat.

“But we were left with an interesting situation this year when the people of Britain voted to leave the EU and it wouldn’t have felt right to leave that out. It’s something we had to reflect in the game.

“So we sat down with the research guys and started to plan how we might put it in.”

Brexit is simulated in Football Manager 2017, and it’s going to make the game harder than ever

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12 thoughts on “Brexit Early Doors

    1. ivan

      I’d say they pale into comparison compared to what I wasted on Civilization, Civ 2, Civ 3 and a bit of Civ 4 to be honest….

    1. Mick Flavin

      I think imaginary squad rotation tales are a bit too niche, and having to actively think about the vast swathes of real life wasted would make me sad.

      If I can get over that, you might have something though…

      1. Neilo

        It could make Chris Ware and Robert Crumb look like the Chuckle Brothers. I take your point though – we all have enough tristesse in our lives.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Ha! I think the challenge of creating compelling images based on a man sitting in his jocks concentrating on bringing AFC Wimbledon to 10 straight Premier League titles might be insurmountable in any case.

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