My Crisp Hell



Yesterday, with a Family pass to Tayto Park’s After Dark VIP experience TONIGHT to giveaway, we asked you to recall your most frightening crisp-related experience..

You answered in your singles.

Runners up:

SB: “My scariest crisp-related experience to date involved doing the tour of the factory at Tayto Park and realising that Tayto and King crisps are both made by the same people!!! And let’s not even mention Hunky Dorys and all the rest.”

IrishStu: “I accidentally ate a green one and almost died.”

Toe Up: “My scariest crisp related experience to date involved watching a particularly tense episode of Home & Away (Alf was about to go nuclear on some flaming mongrels), There I was engrossed in the show when my flatmate snuck up behind me with an empty crisp packet that he had inflated and he burst it beside my ear. I jumped about a foot off the couch with the shock and had a ringing in my ear for the rest of the episode. I’ve never been able to watch Home & Away since, mainly because it’s a pile of poo.”

Papi: “When they go sideways and in between [teeth] and actually get stuck. True story.”

Hank: “My scariest Crisp-related experience to date involved taking a relaxing bath with Quentin.

But there could only be one winner.

Damien wins the VIP pass for this monstrous snack0fueled nightmare:

‘My scariest crisp-related experience to date involved my late mother making crisp sandwiches for me for my lunch when I was in primary school, when lunchtime came I was so looking forward to my crisp sandwich but the crisps were soggy as she added them to the buttered bread that morning, I was devastated.”

Damien and his family will experience the House of Horrors, night ride the Cu Chulainn Coaster, Air Race, Rotator, Windstar and endeavor the terrifying 5D Horror Movie,


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Thanks Ian Collins

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