21 thoughts on “Even Adam Had An Apple

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Wow! That was very go-ahead. I remember people going on in college to to a postgrad in computers and me thinking “What’s the point in that?” – that was 1994.
    Always ahead of the curve, me.

  2. Mickey Twopints

    ’87? Probably a ][e with a massive (for the time) 64 *kilo*bytes of RAM and a 5.25″ floppy disk drive. Happy days…

  3. jackson

    Christ that brings back memories, having to send in supermarket receipts/vouchers or something and the school received a PC back in 91
    One computer 600 pupils, they had it proudly on a trolley to wheel between classes, every class an hour or so a week, 5 or 6 floppys

    1. Caroline™

      We got half an hour a week on an Acorn BBC Micro and I never finished Granny’s Garden. Kept getting poisoned by a mushroom or pecked to death by a raven or freezing to death on a snowy mountain or something. Never got the Turtle Graphics triangle to do anything interesting either.

  4. Nialler

    Yup it’s a IIe, wrote a few thousand line BASIC restaurant review program for my leaving cert in 87 only to be given a satisfactory certificate as that’s all they had at the time. Devastated to say the least.

          1. Caroline™

            I always thought comedy sold itself, but maybe you’re on to something. Maybe the people who need to hear the message are… right here.

            “Dear Commenter,

            I’m writing to tell you about the desperate situation at Broadsheet. You’ve probably heard about the fake accounts and infinite arguments. Now trolls and a virulent outbreak of the manopause have wreaked further havoc to an already suffering region.

            Commenter, can you spare one joke a day to help Broadsheet? Just one joke a day could lift the mood of a simple desk jockey. Two jokes or more could help a whole office out. If you can’t give a joke right now, please consider give adding a quick “lol” to decent gag. Even this small gesture can go a long way.”

        1. Neilo

          Caroline built on a bit of mine a few weeks back with references to CERN and Thomas Pynchon that had me slack-jawed with admiration.

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