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  1. shitferbrains

    It’s De Valeras ” afraid of the Irish peoples response ” to taking in Jewish refugees playing out in the 21st century.

    1. Neilo

      In fairness, sfb, our kicking boots and brick-throwing arms were still quite sore after that to-do in Limerick

      The Irish People of DeValera’s Time

  2. human

    maybe the DOJ have not answered because they don’t want 100 all male refugee families and neither do the Irish people.

    1. Neilo

      Come on now, most of them will be kids. Kids with creased foreheads, 5 o’clock shadow for days and children of their own – but still, kids.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I love the way people fall so easily for the bullplop to shore up their hate! People have already been identified as translators, not refugees and one photographer claimed a couple of photos of alleged refugees as having been taken the week before in Calais by him.

        1. Neilo

          Check the photo of the 16 year old refugee on the cover of today’s Guardian (cf De Tuesday Papers) – dude looks older than me and I recently had to have my ass carbon-dated.

          1. Mayav

            That’s twice today I’ve seen you say it was a “bit”. Just for future reference, am I to assume every time you spew tired racist tropes, it’s a “bit”.

  3. jimmy russell

    ugh who cares if there are already existing families both Irish and foreign living in hotel rooms and hostels or on the street. it’s 2016 dont be such a racist we need to pile on more people onto our housing system along with our healthcare and education systems ugh how can people even say otherwise ugh I cant even right now

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    I really don’t want to come across as one of those types, but if the church has 1000 houses going spare, can we move some of the Irish homeless in first, particularly the families so they get some sort of regularity back to their lives and then take the refugees into temporary hotel accomodation as some of them may prefer to move to the likes of the UK once their situation has been normalised. And if they’re underage, they’ll be taken into foster care anyway.

    I’m not against refugees coming to Ireland and if they want to live here, then they’re welcome to, but I would like to see some of our homeless families get cut some slack too.

    1. Rainy Day

      “can we move some of the Irish homeless in first” …eh no, because that would be racist. Do you understand what racist means? …. you would be discriminating on the basis of race, so that particular policy would be racist. Now it may be a form of racism that you are comfortable with but it is still racist.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I understand perfectly what racist means. Ideally, what I’d like to see is families placed in houses to provide some normality for children, unaccompanied minors cared for in good foster homes, without threat to their persons and the single adults/childless couples to have the hotel rooms, rather than cramming a family into them or being forced into direct provision.

        It’s odd that given how long the homeless crisis, direct provision, closure of hostels etc has gone on in this country that the catholic church hasn’t come forward with 1000 parochial houses until now. It’s almost like they know their empty gesture won’t be taken up.

        1. Rainy Day

          So are you modifying your earlier racist statement or are you comfortable with it? I agree it is odd that the church are coming forward now but that doesn’t change the point that that your suggestion was racist and shameful….

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            What’s shameful about asking that some of the families who’ve been living in hotel rooms for a year or more get the chance to move into a house? I want those 1000 houses filled with families who need to be housed, whether they’ve been in a dump of a hotel in Dublin, or the Jungle in Calais. I’m not advocating that every single one of them goes to “our own” because I don’t do that kind of bullshine and I never did.

        2. Martin Heavy-Guy

          I see what you’re saying and you’re presenting a difficult ethical dilemma (are local lives more important than non-local?) – and it’s unfortunately not easily solved: If we had provision for all people that would be better.

          If it’s a case of actual need right now I am of the opinion that there is more need for people whose homes are being bombed, regardless of where they are from. But that is only a moralistic standpoint and it is easily challenged. Simultaneously, people who are here but have nowhere to go also need to be provided for. It’s a very sad and very difficult decision that I don’t think can come down to local/non-local, but again that is only my opinion.

          It is worrying if true that this offer is not being acted upon for either group of people who are in dire need though.

    2. scottser

      arguably a significant proportion of homelessness was caused directly by trauma suffered by abuse victims in catholic institutions. we’ll never know for sure though, cos the ‘mandatory reporting of abuse’ ordered by bertie ‘within the lifetime of this government’ hasn’t happened to date.

  5. scottser

    DOJ don’t do housing, nor should they. They should contact Environment, i’m sure local authorities would bite your hand off for that amount of housing, after all they’re the ones who are going to have to find the extra housing units.

      1. scottser

        and the department of the environment deals with issues of housing. DOJ will assess and clarify status regarding leave to remain etc but they don’t allocate housing. that is left to local authorities once justice has done its work with regard to eligibility. it will ultimately be the local authorities who will have to provide housing for any complement of refugees, not the department of justice.
        now sod off and don’t dare criticise me again.

  6. Bort

    Well some of the homeless Irish families will only move into the Parochial houses if they have 4 bedrooms, a nice garden and are around the corner from their Mums.

    1. Phelem Mooney


      If the last few years has taught us anything, it’s that the majority of people on the housing list are under the illusion that their dream home is within their grasp.This people are delusion.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Yeah, basically. Very little difference between the two now. So many damaged right wingers here.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Understandable when you’ve several kids and rely on parents for childcare while you do your min wage shift work

  8. SOQ

    What they are saying is that they will house a specific group from elsewhere but not those currently homeless in Ireland. Those currently homeless in Ireland may not necessarily be Irish of course.

    If true then this is clearly a ‘racist’ gesture?

    1. SomeChump

      If I donate to a charity that helps refugees am I racist? I am choosing to help one group and not another.

  9. Starina

    the whole system is rotten. if those at the top weren’t scamming the whole country, there would be enough resources for us all plus space to accept refugees.

  10. Brother Barnabas

    Catholic Church don’t do compassion or charity. If they offered property, you can bet there was a hard business reasoning behind it. And likely the right to proselytize too.

  11. Faecal Matters

    Yes it went so well the last time we entrusted the care of vulnerable citizens to the catholic church

  12. Turgenev

    Haaaaaang on a moment. This is good if it’s true. But… if it’s true… didn’t the Catholic Church in Ireland say it was too poor to compensate the people raped as children by its employees and devotees, it had nothing but a few quid for pensions for its ancient priests and nuns, and so the Irish State would have to pick up the bill? So where did it suddenly get all this fabulous property? And why doesn’t the State say “Yes, please, we’ll take those parochial houses as part-payment for rape compensation, thanks very much”?

  13. Ivor

    Why is it that certain people only become concerned about the homeless when we talk about refugees?

    Oddly they seem to be the kind of people who brought up Gardai and teachers when it was Dublin Bus or Luas drivers pay that was on the agenda, and now that Gardai and teachers are on the agenda, they talk about health services and negative equity.


    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      Divide and conquer politics – always blame the ‘other’, that way those who are actually to blame never have to take the heat.

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