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Report on the Concentration of Media Ownership; Media ownership report launch, from left: Barrister Caoilfhionn Gallagher, Jonathan Price, KRW Law, Gavin Booth, Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan, in Cliff Townhouse in Dublin; Denis O’Brien

Further to the Report on the Concentration of Media Ownership in Ireland, commissioned by Lynn Boylan, Sinn Féin MEP on behalf on the European United Left/Northern Green Left (GUE/NGL) group of the European Parliament

A statement has been issued this afternoon by James Morrissey, on behalf of Denis O’Brien, in response to the report.

Redacted writes:

The Report on the Concentration of Media Ownership in Ireland makes for very interesting reading.

At the outset it is worth noting that it is self-described as “An Independent Study Commissioned by Lynn Boylan MEP on behalf of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Group of the European Parliament.”

An “independent study” commissioned by a leading member of Sinn Fein? Hardly.

The two most important controlling entities in the Irish media landscape are the national State broadcaster, RTE, and an individual businessman, Denis O’Brien” this Report states.

Yet there is no focus on RTE in the context of:

– The largest media entity in Ireland

– The only entity involved in TV, radio and print

– Revenues subsidised by licence fees amounting to €178.9 million

But then this ‘independent study’ was never intended to be a report on the concentration of media ownership in Ireland.

Sinn Féin is very diligent and adept when it comes to pushing its agendas, overtly and covertly.

After a disappointing General Election, An Phoblact [sic] went on the attack:

“State broadcaster came in for severe criticism as it slashed Sinn Fein’s coverage following a poll… which showed the party gaining ground… and for two days the voices of Sinn Fein were banned from the airwaves in a bizarre episode that was reminiscent of Section 31 and state censorship.” (March 7, 2016)

And on the eve of the Budget, Sinn Fein TD, Eoin O’Broin declared:

“Budget Day is all about choices. For decades, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, have looked after the big guy – whether that be Denis O’Brien or Apple.”

I am absolutely convinced that the contribution that Apple has made in this country is unquantifiable in financial and social terms. What about the thousands of young women and men who did not have to emigrate and who got a chance to work, live and raise families in Cork?

I have said that Apple should not be punished for its tax arrangements in Ireland. Sinn Féin’s stance on Apple has been, I believe both anti-enterprise and anti-Irish.

“Sinn Fein has been waiting with some relish for the EU verdict,” wrote Pat Leahy in The Irish Times (August 30, 2016) “and leaped into action:  ’Give us back our money’ demanded MEP Matt Carthy. For good measure, Sinn Fein finance spokesman Pearse Doherty also called for a public inquiry into Apple’s tax arrangements.”

This report states that I am chairperson of Communicorp, as has various individuals including Dr. Colum Kenny, Dr. Roderick Flynn and Caoilfhionn Gallagher, legal firms Jonathan Price (Belfast) and KRW Law (London) and media organisations including The Irish Times and TV3.

It maybe [sic] a rather inconvenient truth, but I am not.

I suppose why let the facts interfere with the agenda and the messaging…

Is the media objective when it is talking and writing about itself? The media industry in Ireland is in decline. This decline has been ongoing for many years and it threatens and [sic] industry that has served this country exceptionally well, providing high levels of employment and spawned a number of writers who have deservedly achieved international acclaim.

Independent News & Media (INM) was days from forced closure back 2011.

Over €2 billion in shareholder value had been lost and the shares had collapsed from €27.30 to 41 cents as a previous board had racked up unsustainable levels of debt. I became am [sic] a substantial minority shareholder in INM (I am not on the board).

I am the owner of Communicorp which like RTÉ, TV3, The Irish Examiner and The Sunday Business Post operates in a very challenging environment. I understand The Irish Times is currently considering various funding options.

I believe that some media companies will not survive this decade without radical structuring including substantial funding.

I was surprised, for example, that RTÉ (and others) did not seek any comment from me on the ‘Report on the Concentration of Media Ownership in Ireland’ in the interests of balance and objectivity.

But maybe the powers that be in Montrose felt that they had been given a ‘free pass’ in the report that they chose just to quote from it?

I do not believe the Irish media is objective in relation to matters relating to itself. The prime reason is survival. Every media executive and journalist knows that the future of traditional media is bleak. It makes one entity undermining another easier to justify.

Sinn Féin/IRA certainly got the report they paid for. The cost of this report won’t have have bothered them too much.

They collected €12 million over 20 years in the US (Irish Times, March 7, 2015). The IRA is reported to have €400 million in global assets (Irish Times, August 29, 2015).

Brian Feeney, author, has suggested that a way should be found to stop “Sinn Féin people saying the IRA has gone away when self-evidently it hasn’t.”

The report references the words ‘chilling effect’ and the law in the same sentence. I bow to Sinn Fein’s superior knowledge on these topics.

Maybe instead of commissioning reports Sinn Féin would commit just some of its vast resources and support an ailing industry – become a fully-fledged broadcaster and publisher and create some jobs for a change?

Statement via Joe Leogue




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24 thoughts on “In The Name Of DOB

  1. B Hewson

    Not that I have read the findings…but an ‘independent report’ with an extreme leftist political party logo on page 1 doesn’t seem very independent.

    1. Boy M5

      Sinn Fein is NOT an extreme leftist party. It is centre-left, quite like Fianna Fail actually.

      If this was a report commissioned by Fine Gael recommending the replacement of all minimum wages workers with monkeys you’d be applauding it.

      1. Rob_G

        Extreme-populist, with a touch of ultra-nationalist libertarian (they certainly don’t believe in fuel duties).

  2. SomeChump

    What a moronic statement. The man is so blind when it comes to how the public perceive him. His public comments when he makes them are so poorly judged.

  3. Boy M5

    He really is a tetchy so and so isn’t he. Can’t help taking the bait and getting all offended and lashing out.

    What was it in his childhood that made him so sensitive, so desperate for power and money.

    1. Badatmemesonthephone

      No Bob.
      You become a politician if you want a nice pension, regardless of your contribution.
      Politicians are cheap… Ask [redacted]


      1. Badatmemesonthephone

        Also, Peter Gabriel is a better drummer than Phil Collins could ever hope to be.
        There, I said it…

  4. Rob_G

    Is media-ownership too concentrated in Ireland, particularly with regard to DOB? – most certainly, yes

    Does DOB have a point when he claims that a report commissioned by Sinn Féin and GUE/NGL will not be impartial? – probably yes, also.

    On a separate-but-related point: this is the type of thing that people should take DOB to task – the fact that all of the news organisations that he owns “coincidentally” tow the same editorial line, and his constant lawsuits against journalists; not that he bought a construction company at a discount during a fire-sale when the Govt was desperate to get rid of it.

  5. Truth in the News

    It took the Shinners to rattle Dennis even Trump failed, its rather foolish of
    him to take the bait, why bother with James Morrissey, surely he could have
    the crowd at INM to do a few editorials, maybe he has realised that no one takes any heed of them anymore, incidently how much bank debt has been written off in various ventures he’s now involved with….Siteserv….INM

  6. Simon

    Is he trying to prove that he has no interfering relationship with the print media by deliberately subbing that so badly?

  7. Sheik Yahbouti

    I was banned from The Journal for commenting on Mr O’Brien, his business dealings etc. No foul language, no libel, just comments.

    1. Rob_G

      When you’ve been banned from the comments section in The Journal, it’s probably a good time to sit down and evaluate where your life went wrong.

    1. martco

      what I wonder about is how he’s avoided a custodial sentence (in the “Training Unit” albeit)
      it pays to attend the right secondary school I guess

  8. Kolmo

    Well, what else would Mr. O’Redacted say?
    Some commentator said on Broadsheet the other day – Billionaires don’t buy media outlets to make money, it’s to control perceptions, and I’ll add, to distort and mangle the truth.

  9. ruillebuille

    Redacted is on a slippery slope just like O’Reilly before him. Insatiable greed always comes back to bite you.

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