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If YOU dare.

Joe Byrne (top in red tie) writes:

Maynooth University and St Patrick’s College, Maynooth are full of wonderful spooky stories of ghosts sightings, meetings with the Devil and tales of treachery. For such a small place, it seems to be remarkably haunted!

Seven years ago, when I was a student there, I collected these stories and advertised a Walking Tour for interested students. I was floored when nearly 200 people showed up on a cold and misty October night to creep through darkened rooms and hear strange stories.

Every year since, I’ve made a trip to the alma mater to pass on these stories to the hundreds of people who followed me, and even compiled them as a book in order to preserve them (which can be found on Amazon).

This year, I’m living overseas, so I can’t make my Samhain pilgrimage; I decided that as a substitute, I’d create a digital alternative.

The most famous terrifying tale of Maynooth is undoubtedly its “Blood Room”, where a number of students in the seminary allegedly died under suspicious circumstances in the 1800s.

To this day the boarded-up window can be seen while walking around the campus. I tell this tale including some audio recorded on those tours in previous years, to give the listener a feel for the room:

More stories will follow, so if you want to keep up to date, you can follow iTunes or search “Ghost Stories of Maynooth College” wherever you get their podcasts.

Ghost Stories Of Maynooth College

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