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          1. :-Joe

            sad but lol…

            Nobody backing Bernie….

            WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

            BEHEMOTH D’OH’S + GIANT FACEPALM’S happening everywhere around the world right now…


        1. :-Joe

          At what odds and what were the best odds you heard of?

          I thought he would win a few months ago because of Northrup’s analysis but I didn’t want to encourage it.


          1. :-Joe

            9:2 is not bad…

            .. wait a min, did I see a frontpage newspaper ad offering 25/1 on clinton for new accounts a few days ago…. or was I imagining it ???

            Ye, I thought wtf… that’s a bit generous… how do they know she’s gonna lose.

            Damn you clever bookmakers.. show us the way..


  1. SOQ

    It is impossible for Clinton to get the required 270 electoral votes now.

    Apparently the Canadian immigration website has crashed. I expect the Irish one is maxed too.

    1. martco

      Sarah Palin just there on the radio squealing some indecipherable nonsense at us (hah maybe she’ll get the foreign sec job) yer man himself leaving his lair @Trump Towers to accept the Presidency…we’re living in a movie aren’t we? anyone?

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Yes, those poor white college educated people who overwhelmingly voted for him. I know understanding the polls beyond those poor white wc victims are keen to crap on at a moment’s notice and I get polls are a little advanced for you but be sure get a slice in at women, it’s what you do best. At least one didn’t win amirite!! :)

          2. Nigel

            Hmm. I foresee extended periods of being told to not blame the people who voted for Trump for the election of Trump. Or the people who spent all their time attacking Clinton. No soul-searching for them!

          3. :-Joe

            It’s naive to think this is a result of disenfranchised uneducated white males.

            If you treat common people like dirt for long enough, eventually there is a reaction.

            Unfortunately after three, four or five decades(take your pick) the world gets trumped.

            It is a win for democracy however counter-intuitive or destructive that may be.


          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            That’s a good point. We complain about the wealth divide here but, let’s be honest, it’s a hundred times worse in the US, and has been steadily getting worse. Like with Brexit, to a degree, people voted in anger, a sort of eff you to the establishment, to the career politicians, which is precisely what Clinton is.

          5. Clampers Outside

            I agree Joe, it’s a simple viewing of voting very early after the vote, but can’t find any other stats to rebuke the ‘blame game brigade’ claims presently, and that link was the best for now to at least to help stop the tide of nonsense finger pointing when really the Dems should be looking at why they failed….

            Like, why didn’t Hillary pick Bernie… she woulda been a shoe in… but Hillary never really gived a monkeys about Bernie’s millennials and compared to Barack, they appear to have left her….
            This is just an exit poll as of 11.45pm US time last night – which showed Hillary was losing on the 18-29s compared to Obama, as she dropped from Obama’s 60% to 54%. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/11/08/politics/first-exit-polls-2016/

          6. Clampers Outside

            Good to hear Nigel… it’s called looking at ones OWN campaign, looking at reasons why Hillary didn’t win certain cohorts, and declined on others that Barack had done so well in, rather than throwing around words like.. sexist, mysoginist, racist at voters…. Voters you would have been happy to have if Hillary had done a job of convincing them, but she did a crap job.

            Looking at why rather than blaming all voters who didn’t vote Hillary, yes Nigel, that is what I am saying.

          7. :-Joe

            @clampers… I wasn’t having a go at your point about polls earlier but I kinda am now… in the sense that cnn abc etc etc are all run by the jewish lobby and are another power centre that supports the clinton-esque establishment business as usual status quo.

            Point well made even though ironically it’s an unreliable source…

            On a side note… just like the Taffin video that popped into my head before I sawi it posted yesterday.. I stumbled upon this video after watching something else…

            It kind of sums up the whole election for me in a strange way… along with the Bizzaro comics gag on polling numbers…

            All the issues around women, the US cutting off it’s nose to spite it’s face… and the incredible lack of awareness by the establishment that is so deluded with confidence in their own belief of power and control.



          8. Nigel

            You can blame them all you want. The breathtaking sight of so many people voting for a racist sexist incompetent real estate buffoon with poor self control is eclipsing your righteous finger-pointing. This is what they wanted, and they wanted it bad. The left may have failed, poor show by them, but this is what winning looks like to the othe side. KKK endorsed and all. This may be the more important perspective to chew over.

          9. Clampers Outside

            @Joe… No worries, yeah, I know CNN is part of the establishment, and pro-Hillary, so I thought well, if even the media that supports her are pointing out how she failed to maintain Barack’s numbers then they are likely fairly reliable. I’m sure they wouldn’t make the candidate they supported look worse than the reality when making negative statements about her campaign….
            Bookmarked your link for later viewing.

            – – – –

            @Nigel – ” The breathtaking sight of so many people voting for a racist sexist incompetent real estate buffoon with poor self control is eclipsing your righteous finger-pointing. ”

            Come back when you can write a coherent sentence.

          10. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Ah I was right, wealthy educated whites pushed him through. Poor people voted Dem.

            Still, you’ll be outnumbered by 2020 and then it’s your turn. Ha!!

          11. Clampers Outside

            Who are you talking to Don, who is this ‘you’ ya foolish person.

            Contain your hatred pet, Trump scored the highest in non-college educated at 2 to 1 according to Forbes. He did ‘strong’ in the ‘shrinking middle class’ (ex-Dems mostly), while ‘affluent’ voters went Democrat… dunno what propaganda hate machine you get your info from


            Rich folk ’tilted

      1. Mr Reality

        Yet again Nigel I’ve won, yet again you have lost, stop and pause yo smell the victory, ok now we can lock up the mass murdering war criminal

        1. Nigel

          Good first step when you win, locking up your political opponents. Really shows a commitment to freedom and justice.

    2. Rob_G

      “Apparently the immigration website of [ x country ] has crashed [after Y event]”

      – I always chuckle to myself when I read things like this; you would be surprised at the relatively low increases in traffic that would overwhelm a website’s servers.

      1. :-Joe

        Yay !!!

        I’m gonna buy some illegally off craigslist today to celebrate !!!

        Hint: Type “dublin marjuana 420 weed grass kush” into the search and off you go….
        A couple of high quality suppliers on there at the moment…

        I recommend the OG Kush, a mild and very pleasant strain of the wonderful plant.

        A staple in the diet of Californian surfers(and pretty much everywhere in north america)too..


  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    First Brexit… Now this…

    We’re on our own now lads We have no mates.

    Goodbye, everything and everybody… and Bodger.

  3. :-Joe

    No need to panic…

    None of this means much in the grand scheme of what goes on behind the scenes….

    The common people of the US are just sick of being treated like fools by the banking elites.


      1. :-Joe

        If you want some perspective, just remember that obama was involved in more military operations than bush jr.

        All the propaganda failed to acknowledge the reality of what is really going on.


          1. :-Joe

            Eh, was your comment sarcastic….?

            I’ve not been to sleep since Monday night, my brains a bit slower than it’s usual snails pace..


        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com


          So, the reason Obama was involved in “more” operations is because GWB started a few big wars and Obama had to finish them off.

          How many innocent civilians did your Bush Jr. kill?

          1. :-Joe


            Look it up yourself, drone assasination programs escalated, the illegal destruction of the soverign state of Libya, funding ISIS and equipping them with the largest arms deal in history to the saudis.

            I could go on and on and on….

            The fact that you say “your Bush Jr,” betrays any of your possible attemps to hide your ignorance about me and many other serious issues.

            Peace and love… good luck on the path to reality.


  4. The Real Jane

    Woohoo loonbags, you did it!

    The super protest against “the man, you guys!!” literally elects the man – the racist, the misogynist, the bully, the incompetent promoted far beyond his capacity due to the colour of his skin, his raddled little peemus and his astounding belligerence.

    1. Coppélia

      + 1 @ The Real Jane. Making America white, male and stupid. I am going to step out of the funeral procession and go back to bed.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        I am guessing that non-Mexican latinos may not feel offended by the anti-Mexican stuff.

  5. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I tend to look for the positives.
    So far I’ve thought of one.

    – Throughout the long campaign Bono kept his mouth shut.

    I’m too stunned to continue.

    1. :-Joe


      You forgot about a huge plus……..

      …unfortunately it’ll probably be replaced with a trade war with China but them’s the breaks etc.


        1. :-Joe

          I think that will be a good thing… if it even happens.

          The sooner we dump the pseudo economic clap trap about the benifits of FDI and stop relying on it so heavily, the better.

          We need to create a sustainable economy but don’t hold your breath with our political class living in the 1950’s of fupp knows where…


      1. :-Joe

        Sweet sufferin’ Jaysus… the only Woman of the year in our warped reality strikes again….

        I wish someone would take him to court and sue him for crimes against reality.

        He owes the world an apology for his over-inflated ego.


  6. :-Joe

    Northrup was right again…

    I believed it at the time, I thought he would win but I didn’t honestly believe it would be allowed to happen.

    Will there be a legal case or a coup by the establishment to oust him….?

    Whatever happens. I do honestly believe it’s better than the potential of eight years of clinton.


    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      @ :-Joe;
      -When you say ;Will there be a legal case or a coup by the establishment to oust him….?, what do you mean? You DO know who we’re talking about, don’t you? It won’t be ‘the establishment’ that will be his downfall. It will be The Law. It will be himself.

      Stop impersonating Ben Carson. His 5 mins are over.

      1. :-Joe

        My brain is doing a Ben Carson at the moment…

        You’re forgetting that literally everyone in the establishment and everyone in the power centres that pull the strings were not behind him. The law and how it is dealt is just a function of state power. State power in the US is owned and run by banking elites.

        Think about Trumps inaugeration ceremony in January…. literally EVERYONE from the establishment and a few banking representatives of the real power will be there sitting behind him.

        Every single one of them from all sides and flavours of the system who he does not represent will have to play along while being pi$$ed off in a state of mind beyond belief.

        It will be the funniest and most tragic car-crash TV moment in history.

        I literally cannot wait to see it..

        haha.. LMFAO…. ROFL… etc etc..


    1. Nigel

      Hey, lemme tell ya, it’s gonna be a great time for people who like to feed of other people’s pain. It’s gonna be beautiful. and it’s gonna be all yours. So much pain and you get to suck it all down.

  7. mildred st. meadowlark

    My inner anarchist is laughing hysterically. Really though, how sad for the US. What an enormous step back for them.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I could not have put it better mildred.

      I’m a bit of an Anarchist meself, but I need to sleep on this before I can understand what’s happening. I never anticipated an opportunity like this. It’s too much at once….

      1. The Real Jane

        Thankfully there aren’t millions of people waking up to an uncertain future this morning.

        I bet many Muslims, Hispanics, black people, Jewish people and women are feeling similarly braced for the tiny fists of the Toddler in Chief coming at them.

  8. Yep

    How about we all get past the result and start judging him on his actions. I predict we will all eventually come together when it becomes clear he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    1. Nigel

      No, before we fail to do that, becoming lost in a raging storm of bitter recriminations and abuse, first let’s engage in a mad dream where it turns out he’s not as bad as everything seems to indicate he is, where he succeeds in tearing down the entrenched and complacent elites and replacing the system with something more fair and equitable. Let’s just float in that sad tragic hope for a timeless moment, shall we?

          1. Clampers Outside

            Find one single post where I defended Trump… go for it… No vagueness please, if you are so convinced it shouldn’t be an issue to find one comment where I defend Trump….

            Actually no, ‘constant’ means there should be loads of them, find two comments. That’s your challenge for today. Good luck, you’ll need it !

          2. Nigel

            Bob in fairness there were people that didn’t want Trump to win, they just wanted Clinton to lose. This distinction is meaningful to them on a personal level and they get understandably defensive and huffy when you fail to be impressed by it.

            Not that it matters. Like Brexit, very few of us on this site had a vote. The question is, if something similar in scale or as ideologically or culturally or socially divisive with huge ramifications comes along here, what will we end up doing? Disenchantment cuts both ways. It’s as much to do with not voting at all as it is voting for self destruction.

          3. Clampers Outside

            There goes Nigel with his ‘they’ speak.

            Say what is on your mind, speak to those you wish to speak ill of. Grow a pair and direct your charges at whom it is you wish to call out and stop hiding behind indeterminate glib accusation towards ‘they’… it’s pathetic, childish and meaningless.

          4. Nigel

            Defensive AND huffy. Totally understandable. Ah, I don’t like picking on you Clamps. I’d better stop.

    1. Mr Reality

      Here’s the empathy extortion again, jaysus lose with dignity Bob, you have failed Hillary deal with it

  9. Bruce Wee

    3 months before he gets sworn in so lets hope he falls or “something” else happens to him..

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Ouch – wishing the man dead?? Fine solution there.

      I am more worried about Trump’s inner ring of support; his advisors, senior staff, business supporters, his Congresspeople. While the man is unfit for political office and one can hope for an ultimate trip / impeachment…..he has the two houses won. That’s power on a plate.

      1. Bruce Wee

        I never said that…..But I did imply it..Nah…he’ll be found out. No wall with Mexico will be the first thing knocked on it’s head.

    2. Frilly Keane

      That might sound like banter with the smarty pants crew Brucie

      But some poor Sercet Service sap on sh1t wages and benefits with College debts will be in front of him when your dreams come true

    3. Nigel

      Not sure 9res I dent Pence is much of an alternative. Federally mandating funerals for miscarriages and gay re-education camps?

        1. Nigel

          And miss your obsession coming into full flower? Hey, where’s she going again? I missed it the first fifty times.

  10. martco

    Dunno if @Clampers statto about the women voters is true…all I can think is that is was the unemployed/forgotten/destitute “what’s the worst that could happen shure” vote….cos I can’t get my head around why any woman (unless she’s into being abused) would vote for him?!?

    the what happens next bit will be interesting. I’m going for him making a mad gaffe like referring to those “Chinese slopes…” at some meetup in Davos, they get set to nuke NYC (aka the world) then Spiderman & James Bond hook up to save us from the brink!

    Anyone else got a better plotline?

    1. Deluded

      I’ve heard a number of interviews with Republican women and the general impression I get is:
      a) Trump will enact Republican policies
      b) Look after yourself, don’t expect anyone to stand up for you.

      1. ReproBertie

        You could argue that B was the American way. The belief that if you just went out and worked for it, rather than waited for someone to hand it to you, you could have anything.

        1. Nigel

          I think Topsy’s point might be that the real snowflakes are the people who voted for Trump. It’a hard to sneer at others for being over-sensitive and special and fragile when you just threw this kind of temper tantrum.

          Of course the snowflake epithet is only going to get more ironic as time goes on if action on climate change is as screwed as it appears.

          1. Nigel

            I don’t want to get into an argument with you but let me state categorically that nothing in this comment was in reference to you or you mood. The ‘temper tantrum’ was in reference to the Trump voters not you. Apologies if it came across as a jab at you.

  11. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    He won’t do four years.
    He knows that himself.

    In the meantime he has ‘dreams for America.
    The stock market is collapsing as I type, but Donald will tell you you can have dreams.
    – Dream on…

    1. Medium Sized C

      An hour later I’m typing and its recovering.
      We live in the age of HFT, the markets mean nothing at you type.

    1. Captain freegear

      Now that Bodger was correct all along why don’t you all do what you promised and go find a nice agreeable place to be like joe.ie

  12. topsy

    Middle class women. whom he said he’d like to catch by the P***y voted Trump into office in their droves. So much for the so called enlightened feminists.

  13. :-Joe

    I would argue that Trump will suprise people in being quite tame in comparison to the expected armageddon hysteria that is going on right now..

    Pence might be the real threat as a lot of people have suggested Trump just wants to have a bit of fun and the policy making could be left to a failed political religious fundamentalist racist homophobe.
    -I can think of another twenty to twenty-five superlatives to add on there but nevermind…

    Here’s hoping for a legal coup or something to derail the whole shebang…
    The truth is a stranger and you couldn’t make it up in a hundred years…



  14. DubLoony

    I think I may take a break from social media, news, radio, papers for a while.
    What all the pundits failed to see between occupy wallstreet, Bernie Sanders & Trump is that too many people were failed by politics over decades.
    This was Americans saying feck the establishment.
    And now they are fecked.

      1. bisted

        …a bit like the greens and labour betrayed their supporters here…but continue to believe their own press releases..

        1. DubLoony

          What with the lowering of unemployment, return to economic growth, focus on literacy in primary schools so kids don’t end up in jail, protecting workers rights in the middle of a recession, raising min wage by 3,000 a year, bring in marriage equality, legislating for x case, and generally turning the country around.

          Yes, there are very significant problems particularly in housing at all levels, low pay and insecure work.
          But I guess you prefer the current do-nothing government.

        2. Nigel

          Tell you what, Brexit and Trump make the slow grinding frustration of compromise and co-operation seem like the least worst option for running a country. The heck with populism and absolutism. Yay engagement and responsibility and clarity and reslistic expectations of the political process.

    1. :-Joe

      You should watch the Adam Curtis documentary(history art essay ???) called Hyper Normalisation.

      It pretty much sums up everything you’re saying and a whole more for your brain to chew on…

      You’d be smart to abandon social media or rather the “advertising company” facederp, google version of it… I don’t think the US or anyone is really feck’d though… we’ll adapt, change and overcome.

      It’s what humans do best in the long term.


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