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From top: People Before Profit Gino Kenny TD, Vera Twomey, whose daughter Ava Barry (6) suffers from Dravet Syndrome; from left: Dr Cathal O Sulliobhan, People Before Profit Gino Kenny TD, Vera Twomey, Mark Gaynor and Tom Curran: The Cannabis For Medical Use Regulation Bill 2016

This afternoon.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny highlighting the party’s Cannabis For Medical Use Regulation Bill 2016. following a meeting between Vera Twomey, whose daughter’s Dravets Syndrome has been alleviated by cannabidol, and Minister for Health, Simon Harris.

The bill is in its second stage.provides for the regulation of cannabis for medicinal use so that patients can receive a legally protected, secure supply that is safe and effective  and will be debated in the Dáil by next February at the latest.

Gino Kenny TD (Facebook)

Harris to meet family in medical marijuana campaign (RTÉ)


19 thoughts on “A Simple Solution

  1. Neilo

    Yes, get on with it. Clampers’ mellow is being seriously harshed since Mani stopped spiking the Horlicks with Liquid X.

        1. Neilo

          I would have preferred free the weed, to be honest. ‘Share the wealth’, Jesus…it’s like the death of communism never happened,

  2. markskids

    I’ve always been curious and admittedly very ill informed re: medicinal cannabis use. It’s been around as long as opiums but has never been exploited by big phrama? What is the issue there, is it that they can’t avoid the side effect / high or something ?

    From what I can tell anywhere it’s legal it’s pretty much regular weed sold in a legal regulated way, why has it never been used by the big pharmaceutical companies and made into a pill or something ?

    1. :-Joe

      The hemp plant was banned in the US because the loopiest and most wealthiest zillionaire newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane couldn’t find his snowboard….

      The hemp plant can create substances ten times stronger than carbon fibre and just as light that doesn’t crack or shatter and cars have been made out of it to prove the point.

      Hemp had to be kept banned because it is so easy to grow everywhere and process into many different uses. The wealthy paper industry people decided to keep getting rich by destroying the planet for a few extra bucks. One of the greatest scandals of all time.

      It’s all in the famous film “Citizen Without A Brain”

      or was that something I made up in my own head while smoking OG Kush a couple of years ago in Hearst Castle….
      ….who can tell reality from dreams any more, it’s all very confusing in general.


  3. :-Joe

    Looks like am visiting a progressive minded(or an extremely gullible/corrupt one if necessary) doctor in February… or however soon it get’s passed… hopefully… fingers crossed, no walking under ladders, not changing my lucky thong etc.


      1. :-Joe

        Sure, I’ve used that before… great Irish company.

        CBD Cannabidiol is good stuff for pain, stress, anxiety, cancer etc etc.and it’s legal because as I’m sure you know, you can’t get high without the THC Tetrahydracanabinol..

        So, I’ll just need to find a good reason for a doctor to prescribe me the fresh delicious buds for inhaling, vaping, cooking , eating, dabbing(lol) or for whatever form it comes in.

        More people using it safely and responsibly(easiest thing in the world) the faster it will be fully legalized… -It’s my excuse and am sticking to it.


  4. Truth in the News

    Send some one out to Canada and have a look at Cannabis being grown
    licenced and supplied to registered users, to cap it all the plants are being
    cultivated and grown in former Hersey Plant at Smiths Falls Ontario organised
    by the Government, picture Kenny opening a weed processing plant in Castlebar.

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