‘I Will Work Very Closely With The President-Elect’



Donald Trump and Michael Noionan at Shannon Airport in 2014;  Enda Kenny in the Dáil  during the US primaries.

This afternoon

In the wake of Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the US presidential election with 276 electoral votes to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s 218…

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to journalist Martina Fitzgerald on RTE’s News at One in the last hour.

From their discussion…

Enda Kenny: “…Ireland falls into the category of wanting to work very closely with the United States and we will work vey closely with the president and with his new administration. One element I pointed out to him in the letter I sent to both he and the vice president is that immigration reform is something of importance to Ireland here and because of the new change in both the Senate and the Congress, we will work closely with the Republican members there and on the basis of hopefully seeing immigration reform put back on the agenda.”

Martina Fitzgerald:But do you stand by the comments that you believe, that some of his statements were racist and dangerous and that you would explain that to him…”

Kenny: “I referred to the comments that he made in the heat of battle in the primary election and obviously, I will work very closely with the president-elect. I listened, as I said, to his first comments this morning about healing wounds, about building partnerships about working with other countries that want to work with the United States and we fall into that category very much. Our relationship with the States for many years has been expanding and developing. I might point that, for instance, 100,000 American people are now employed by Irish-owned companies across 50 states.”

Fitzgerald: “So you won’t be withdrawing that statement that you thought they were…”

Kenny: “I will work very constructively, as will the Government, with the American administration. I see our interests as a country that has had a long proud history of working with America, very closely with America, to do so in the future. I look forward to that.”

Fitzgerald: “What about his plans to slash US corporation tax to 15%. How concerned should this country be about that?”

Kenny: “Well obviously taxation is, in respect of the United States, are a matter for the US administration. Our corporate tax rates here are a matter for the Irish Government, as a member of the European Union. It’s within our competence, as a national entity, to deal with it here ourselves. So, from that perspective, I expect business to continue, and to continue very strongly. In fact, the investment line from the States into Ireland continues to be very strong. We want to see that continue to develop for the future. It’s not just about tax, it’s essentially about the quality and the range of young people coming through to meet the emerging skills and demands of the future.”

Fitzgerald: “But would it be a concern if it went to 15%?”

Kenny: “Well, many countries in Europe are changing their corporate tax rates. That’s within their competence. As I said, it’s the European Union measures. Matters of corporate tax for the United States are a matter for their administration and I’m sure they will reflect on that in the future.”

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31 thoughts on “‘I Will Work Very Closely With The President-Elect’

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Shure, dat’s grand so – he only said that to the man with two pints in his hand – it wasn’t real. So we need no expect plainloads of our brethren, booted out of Amerikay?? I think not – they qualify (barely) as white.

  1. Nigel

    What else is he going to say? ‘Jaysus look at the big orange head on hIm? ‘ This is damage control.

    1. Andy

      Why are reporters so caught up on trying to get a “i got you moment” or “you’ll have to backtrack”. We need the US and their MNCs far more than they need little old ireland. That’s not the reporters concern – she’s a cushy state job.

      Serves Kenny right though, don’t go commenting on other people’s business if you need access to their largesse.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    In fairness, Trump seems to be a petty, childish, vindictive and irrational eejit. And seeing as he’s about to be President of the US, it would be a bit silly for a head of state [any state] to go on record (again) and call him a stupid racist. It wouldn’t have been in our interest to repeat that. And it’s meaningless. Everyone knows he’s a racist imbecile.

        1. Kieran NYC

          The same.

          And any women, gay people, people of colour, disabled people I know are very afraid. This is about 3-4 seats on the Supreme Court, repealing of Obamacare, gay marriage, Dodd-Frank. Minimum. He has the White House, Congress and the Senate.

          Even if he doesn’t fulfill half his promises, he has emboldened the racists, sexists and homophobes. And the economic fallout will make Brexit seem like an ice-cream party.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    It’ll be different when they meet in person. If I remember correctly, Enda has some good nigga jokes.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      And no doubt Micky Noonan will be on hand to reprise his Doonbeg “gobbler’s gulch” performance. :-D

      1. Chris

        Noonan played the long game and beat them all to it. No I don’t like Noonan either but that’s what happened.

  4. Chris

    Hoo ha all you want in this case Enda’s comments were sound in both cases and no I don’t like Enda but his statement condemning trumps racist quotes were very well framed and correct. His action welcoming Trump as President whilst limp and depressing is also correct, that’s what he is no I don’t like it but he is President and that is that.

  5. Friscondo

    There must be millions of white people expressing shock to their black, Latino and Asian coworkers today, but voted Trump themselves and would be too ashamed to admit it. US minorities will now assume, with justification, that most of their white colleagues and neighbours are bigots. The arrogance of the establishment elites is going to haunt us all indefinitely.

  6. Scundered

    I feel sick already at the vision of him soon on the news pandering to the wallet of trump like a dog to a biscuit. Yuk.

  7. Sido

    Well we know the Brits are a bunch of racist bigots because of Brexit and now the Muricans have shown themselves up as the true racists they are, by literally voting for the arch racist in chief.
    Thank heavens we have some sanity in the land of saints and sinners, An oasis of non racism, in the english speaking world.

  8. read twice

    So. Enda spills the beans on Yurpean Tax Harmonisation – you saw it here first! And all to avoid an awkward answer to a straight question about an awkward answer he gave in the Dail. Fair play.

    Bring on Tax Harmonisation BTW, IMHO.

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