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Hillary Clinton makes her concession speech at the New Yorker Hotel watched by daughter Chelsea and husband Bill Clinton

After a short absence Frilly returns with a song for Hillary and bum note for Irish rugby.

Frilly Keane fumes:

I’m going to start with Rugbee crowd bating the All Blacks, well done. I don’t exactly know when the cribbing over Montrose not showing it started or when the deserved whinging over Irelands Ball Shoulder to Folder triggered, but either way, I’m digging them up again.

First, Rugby is not the National Game and it is not a Gaelic Game. So FRO. Go foreign to watch it. (see what I did there)

They’re dead right about Irelands Crawl Drawl Fall Hall Maul Gaul Shawl …see that … no amount of fecking around with it makes it even half arsed. It’s not an anthem. That’s its problem. It’s not even a daycent twist in a sing song, which doesn’t help it either, therefore no one likes it, and it’s just plain AWFUL.

Dustin’s Euro Turkey is a better rabble rouser. An Anthem is a call to arms. An Anthem is a Hymn in a local dialect that is belted out by many and yet all-for-one. It doesn’t have to be classical historic or even a masterpiece.

We are the Champions is none of those. De Banks is a diddly diddle oul’ meandering ballad, but it’s ours, no one else gets to own it only me and mine, and when its belted out by the many to prime the all-for-one, you could chew on the charge it generates.

Clearly Amhrán na bhFiann isn’t grand enough or Windsor enough for the Goys, so go get sum’ting else would ye. Try Joe’s Make me an Island

And now t’ Trump. At least there’ll be fodder and material sustainable enough for Broadsheet for annuder few years. I won’t fight it, I’ll join up most likely, and egg it on even more likely.

It was clear to me since mid-September that Hillary Clinton hadn’t an iota of interest in Broadsheet HQ. The extent to which they would go to undermine the Democratic Candidate’s Presidential Campaign I could never have imagined, and I have a fairly rampant imagination.

But then as I’ve said before; their gaff their rules. I would like to think they will regret the direction they allowed the forum descend into in the last 20 Days. But one only has to see the wall of authors to note the preference they favour.

I’m disgusted with the result meself. But I have a bias for the Clintons. I actually wrote to Bill when he was Governor of Arkansas, and I have a Clinton Beanie Baby, and cups from the Clinton Library.

But that never influenced any illusion I might have allowed myself that America also liked Her.

The Voter hates Her because she is white, smart, liberal, self-made, and more than just a former First Lady. Everyone else that doesn’t like her, and there are plenty amongt us here, don’t like her because she plays like a man.

Yet that’s what I admire about Hillary Clinton the most.

She plays with the same rules as the lads. She exploits the same opportunities as the lads. She gets dirty the same way the lads do. And she talks and walks the same games as the lads. Is Hillary Clinton the first Secretary of State to ask if a threat could be taken out / droned? Was she fuck. And ye all know it.

Hillary Clinton’s biggest failure was waiting in line behind two different men, Bill and Barack. Her day is done. Yet still fair dues to her, she’s put together a handsome pension for herself, despite the fact the American Taxpayer will not be burdened with the weight of an Irish Mary type Pension, they’ll be a lot worse off without her.

Trump voters and cheerleaders have elected a narcissist who has NEVER served a minute of public service, or done a charitable deed that was without benefits, you and they will regret this decision, of that I have no doubt.

Trump, if he is not assassinated, will leave the White House an even wealthier man; and I’ll look forward to all this supporters pointing that out when the time comes.

Frilly keane’s column usually appears here on the first Friday of every month. Follow Frilly on Twitter: @frillykeane

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59 thoughts on “Frilly On Friday: Shoulder To Shoulder

  1. nellyb

    Frilly, i don’t think anybody should be using the A word (‘assassination’) even in light satirical piece. Especially in the times like now. You know how quickly and bigly this could get out of hand.

  2. SOQ

    I doubt if there is any other country so reliant on American investment Frilly, so Ireland will collectively regret this decision, irrespective of which side they were on. Anyone who didn’t have their head lodged up their backside could see what Trump meant for here.

    1. jusayinlike

      I’m not sure anything will change SOQ, for a lot of these companies Ireland is perfect due it’s situation particularly post brexit, that the higher education as opposed to the US coupled with our unofficial tax haven status for multinationals, and as for him ordering them back that sounds like campaign rhetoric more than anything else

      1. SOQ

        He is not ordering them back, at least not yet, he is attracting them back with tax breaks.

        Business Tax

        The Trump Plan will lower the business tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, and eliminate the corporate alternative minimum tax. This rate is available to all businesses, both small and large, that want to retain the profits within the business.

        It will provide a deemed repatriation of corporate profits held offshore at a one-time tax rate of 10 percent

        1. jusayinlike

          Officially these companies are paying 12.5% unofficially they are paying about 5% and sometimes lower, with easy access to the European and Asian markets coupled with the multi lingo European workforce they can attract I personally think Ireland is a better option, that being said I’m open to being wrong on this it’s just I dunno how he’s going to order them back.. it still sounds like campaign rhetoric

          1. SOQ

            Yeah fair point but language jobs are mainly call centres which isn’t really that well paid. Also, anyone who has worked for these IT corps will know that the core high tech jobs are usually still in the states. Things like localisation (embedding different languages) are big here but that can be done anywhere in the world.

            I expect the first target will be the brass plates which won’t affect jobs but will impact on tax returns. Also the stateless parent company type setups. It is going to be 3-4 months after he takes office before we will know how this will pan out but if I was with one of these companies right now, I would be concerned.

          2. Neilo

            @SOQ: if a lot of these brass plate companies are engaged in financial services like shadow banking, they’ll want to remain here because of passporting rights.

          3. SOQ

            True Neilo but we don’t know what else this boyo has up his sleeve. He is an expert in tax avoidance so it will be interesting to see what happens when the poacher turns gamekeeper. Actually that part I am looking forward to.

          4. jusayinlike

            SOQ he doesn’t do his own books he’s lots of things but an accountant he is not, he’s only a front man that’s all he’s ever been, his policies aren’t his, the proof will be in his cabinet not him, you need to forget about him and focus on people like Pence and Roy Cohn and Michael Glassner, these are the real policy makers

          5. SOQ


            Maybe so but remember that he is not a politician and because of that, people’s expectations of him are higher and that he will deliver on at least some promises. I don’t recall any other president elect rolling up to the white house in their own jet so there is an expectation that for better or worse, things will be done differently.

      1. Scooperman

        Clampers did you not know that Bodger and a few other commenters on this site are soley responsible for this outcome. Right here….IS WHERE IT’S AT!

        1. SOQ

          Oh get a grip. By all means criticise Hillary but I strongly object to BS posting downright lies.

          Now you can say that what goes on here did not influence anyone but given that this site has posters from US it also has readers so yes, despite the tinfoil motivation it became part of the Trump dirty tricks brigade.

  3. bisted

    …I hope your prophecy about Trump is wrong…we don’t know how it’s going to turn out under his tenure…but we knew exactly what would have happened under crooked Hillary…a lot of children who would otherwise be dead under the hawk may be alive this time next year…

    1. SOQ

      OK bisted, if the corps pull out, which is highly likely, will you come back on here and write a piece to them explaining how your view of Hillary was more important than their jobs? Because that is exactly what you are saying.

      1. bisted

        …I’ve worked for several of the US Corps including IBM which has had a presence in Ireland longer than most of us…I don’t know what is going to happen over the next few years…but you seem to…but then, your judgement on events in the US haven’t been too accurate recently…

        1. SOQ

          You can b|tch all you want but Trump has made is clear for a very long time that he will target American firms in Ireland. This will probably be bigger than Brexit, unless you are in denial about that too.

          1. bisted

            …I dont know what the long term implications of Trump as president will be but I do know that the rejection of crooked Hillary may make the world a safer place…

          2. jusayinlike

            His appointments for the various offices will be more telling about his intentions all the stuff on his site is campaign rhetoric for buying in voters, on a side note I can see Rudy Giuliani definitely sliming into office somewhere

          3. Dόn Pídgéόní

            You are an actual simpleton of you think anything is safer. IS are celebrating his election because they recruit more people. I can really see him and pence getting to grips with the complexities of a borderless terrorist state or any state or how to open a door.

          4. jusayinlike

            Only time will tell Don, it’s worth noting though that over the past 8 years the democrats have really loved bombing countries that is an irrefutable fact

          5. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Do you really think that will change? It won’t, not without a complete change in the world order. Trump ain’t doing that and if anything is thin skinned enough to start a war over nothing.

          6. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Yes. And Hilary did and probably would. That’s how political and military alliances work. The line that he won’t involve the us on wars but she would is maybe the dumbest I’ve heard. Well that and the Satanists.

  4. Frilly Keane

    A new World order indeed

    The first Frill Bit to be severed in half

    But I finally made it onto the Broadsheet cast list

    Albeit after Ban Doyle, the FFer, Blenkensop, Taft and Moanie Mark

    Nonetheless. I finally made it

  5. RT

    We’re going to have to change from Amhran Na Fhiann if a united Ireland ever comes to pass realistically speaking, may as well start looking for one now.

    We should be thankful rugby, cricket, hockey, Olympics sports, etc. actually operate on an all-island and inclusive basis for our Northern brethren so they don’t have to always opt for Team GB, because signs/symbols/songs/etc clash with that part of their Irish identity. Alas the same can’t be said for soccer which remains sectarian…..

    Even the GAA have made great progress in the past two decades in terms of inclusion and their attitude to so-called “foreign games” (now played here for over a century) Frilly’s narrow “Little Irelander” view display again, always seems to be a theme in her columns. Perhaps she’d like Rule 42 back?

      1. bisted

        …haha…remember the lad at Croke Park with the ‘no foreign games’ protest poster and the Celtic jersey…the i̶n̶q̶u̶i̶s̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ vigilantes would have weeded him out…

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          I had a similar run in recently with a bar stooler in the Handball Club after one of the Dubs matches because I was wearing a mod badge.

          I know, cool story bro.

  6. Christopher

    She didn’t wait in line behind Obama- Obama obliterated her in the primaries because she came across as an entitled dismissive brat.

  7. Neilo

    Usual aul’ barstool Republican malarkey I expect from anyone in Cork or Kerry: just a six hour drive to the Border, after all.

  8. AdvertisingOnPoliceCars

    Hurling is the only thing that makes GAA worthwhile.. Gaelic “football”: hand pass hand pass hand pass hand pass kick hand pass hand pass hand pass hand pass hand pass kick tug jersey hand pass .

  9. f_lawless

    “The Voter hates Her because she is white, smart, liberal, self-made, and more than just a former First Lady. Everyone else that doesn’t like her, and there are plenty amongt us here, don’t like her because she plays like a man.”

    Sorry that’s just cringe stuff and a tad racist towards the American electorate. The reality is US mainstream media has been exposed as being completely out of touch with the sentiment of the US public. They failed to document the real level of discontent there is with the status quo. So sick of the path America’s being taking in recent years – the decline in quality of life; with more than half of Americans reported in 2016 to be living from paycheck to paycheck – that a majority would still rather vote for a whacky character like Trump over an establishment figure like Clinton who represents the interests of so many elite factions.

    I’ll cite one reason I don’t like her and it’s not to do with her sex. As Secretary of State she agressively pushed for the disasterous NATO led bombing of Libya. Refusing to learn the lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq, she now bears a large brunt of the responsibility for that nation’s spiral into chaos and destruction. On top of that it’s Libya’s fall has greatly exacerbated the migrant crisis into Europe.

      1. f_lawless

        As much as you might love to reduce the debate down again to Side Trump Vs Side Clinton, I’m not going to bite on that one. My point was merely that we should be under no illusions what kind of character Clinton is… Or Trump for that matter

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      You can’t write that off completely. Some people stated they wouldn’t vote for her because she was a woman. That was enough for them. Women shouldn’t be in power and they certainly shouldn’t behave like her.

      1. SOQ

        The question on BBC Question Time last night was ‘If Hillary had been a man, would she have been treated any differently?’ It is near impossible to answer of course because she had a track record while he does not.

        My personal view is yes. We want women to be equal but when they behave like men at some level we may get uneasy. I’m not sure if that is because we expect women to be something else (nurturing, sensitive etc) or that they should sink into his arms then end up with the arms in the sink. Probably a bit of both.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          Totally agree though hard to pick apart. It’s gender, race, income, class and identity on top of and alongside politics. You can’t really ignore or the other but the usual suspects will say her gender had nothing to do with it for some reason.

          Some great scrambling for funding to research this in universities all over to try and pin it down.

        2. f_lawless

          I don’t mean to offend but to me your comment reads like a kind of cogntive dissonance. Confronted with the fact that Clinton has behaved as a ruthless sociopathic warmonger in her push to bomb Libya, you try to move the goalposts with the cliched generalisation “We want women to be equal but when they behave like men at some level we may get uneasy”. Are you so unwilling to let go of your opinion of Clinton as a force for good that, for you, to commit war crimes is to just “behave like men”?

          By all means there’s an imbalance in the world at large with the sexes, but the core of this debate is not about that and I don’t believe it was what lost her the election. I condemn Obama just as much for Libya and all the other stuff he’s done to facilitate the US war machine in destabilising the world, eg Drone kill lists etc. Let’s all strive to judge politicians on their actions and not their gender! ;)

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            I think the point being made of that if she had been a man, it wouldn’t have been so ‘distasteful’ for her to have been involved. She would have been decisive and strong rather than a nasty evil ‘war monger’. Women are meant to be sweet and lovely and cute right not busting some guys chops in Pakistan.

            And that point can be made alongside all the other points.

          2. SOQ

            Ok a very srt8 question. Why was Hillary’s health under question for so long but not Trump’s? Not that he needed a zimmer either but the woman clearly has the stamina of a horse. The narrative was that she was weaker…. and yes, female.

            Trump supported the Libya actions taken so is your real problem that it was a woman making the decisions?

          3. Frilly Keane

            I’ll add to all that sum’ting I mentioned last September

            What if it was Hillary that had 5 children for 3 different men

            What if it was Hillary trumping ( d’ya like that) the Weapons Of Mass Destruction story instead of that hopeless gimp Bush Jnr – d’ya think she’d have got off as ‘ asey as that dope

            What if it was Alzheimer’s or Polio she was diagnosed with

            Like it or not
            This election
            From the canvas/ stump
            To the reporting
            To the voting
            To the aftermath
            Is all driven by Gender issues

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