15 thoughts on “Anything Gut In Der Spiegel?

    1. Neilo

      Well, if there’s any nation that knows about violent ends to the world order etc etc.


  1. Unlucky in locks

    Before anyone comes in saying “oh well Hillary would have been ten times worse” and giving out about “libtards” and “SJWs”, I would encourage you to read Umberto Eco’s 1995 essay on the definition of fascism (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/) and think about how many of his 14 characteristics of fascism and the fascist apply to Donald Trump.

    In an attempt to stick it to the establishment, and push back against so-called liberal elites and forces of progress (slight aside: I still can’t fathom how progress is a bad thing), white middle and working class, for the most part, have elected someone who behaves like a fascist to the most powerful office in the world.

    If it walks like a duck…

    1. Unlucky in locks

      Also, it’s delusional to think that Bodger’s repeated screes in anyway influenced this election, despite what he might like to think.

      But again, spare a thought to what you were encouraging and what that sort of thinking has lead to in the past.

      We all think we’re safe and that the mistakes that were made in the early 20th century can’t be repeated, but we don’t think anything really bad can happen until it happens.

      The far right is on the rise and we’re struggling to find a way to combat it

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