7 thoughts on “Words And Music

  1. blueswannabe

    Actually since it’s “ain’t no sunshine” that means there IS sunshine when she’s gone, double negative, init?…

  2. collynomial

    The design is beautiful, but in the first chart, average sunshine levels should be on the Y-axis.

    Also as she is not a quantum particle, her state of being is discrete, so she either is here, or is gone; she can not be in an intermittent state of being somewhat here, somewhat gone and thus it doesn’t make sense to use a line graph. Better to use a bar graph with two bars.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      What if she’s just in the garden, where actually there is likely to be more sun even though she’s ‘gone’ a little?

    2. classter

      She might be there but not e fully present ’cause she’s worrying about something in work.

      So the graphmaker would experience some level of beneficence but not the full whack.

      1. Termagant

        He hates to see her go but he loves to watch her leave

        Perhaps the amount of sunlight he experiences is directly proportional to her perceived subjective size and she dwindles into the distance

        I mean the chart is pretty useless because as soon as the goes around a corner the sun’s just going to shut off with alarming abruptness but it can be rationalised

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