Gareth Naughton writes:

The application process for The Late Late Toy Show tickets closed yesterday. More than 125,000 applications have been received for seats in the audience of this year’s show, which airs on Friday, December 2nd. Tickets will be issued on a lottery basis.

However, The Late Late Toy Show is giving viewers an extra shot at securing two seats…

To be in with a chance of securing a pair of tickets, all viewers have to do is go here to download the ‘RyanElf’, carefully cut it out and start taking snaps.

Make the ‘RyanElf’ a part of a special occasion, bring him to your favourite spot in your hometown or maybe he could ’embellish’ the perfect picture with a well-timed photobomb.

To enter viewers must then post their creative shots – using #ToyShowSnap – on Instagram, Twitter or The Late Late Show/RTÉ One Facebook pages.

This may not end well


The Late Late Show (Facebook)

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13 thoughts on “Elfie Shtick

    1. Tucker Done

      rte should build a studio big enough to fit the 125,000 people who wants to attend the late late toy show. we’re entitled FFS

  1. SOMK

    Fun fact about the toy business!

    Noting that January was a down time for the old industry they came up with the ingenious scheme whereby they deliberately under supply the most popular/heavily advertised toys at Christmas time, knowing full well that a) parents will buy toys anyway and b) parents having promised their children the special toy, will then be obliged to buy it when magically the toy company manages to supply the shops with said popular toy come January.

    Also 125,000 people? it’s amazing we have such a high birthrate considering this delayed puberty onset syndrome that’s broken out.

  2. Boj

    I’m going on hunger strike until I get what I want.
    I will be reposing in Flaherty’s funeral home and flowers can be sent to St.Mary’s church.

  3. Mike Baldwin

    Why doesn’t RTÉ just book Croker for the night and charge €85 a ticket and donate the profits to Barratstown? Sure, the book reading segment might be a bit dull from the back of the Hogan but this could be more than offset by a new segment involving 17 year old learner drivers talking about what car they want for Christmas and then driving those same models through blazing hay bales or racing against The Seoigés or Daithi. Then we have a new feature involving nerdy kids talking about their favourite instruments and then Ryan goes “To help decide what’s the best instrument, please welcome, Nathan Carter!!, along with Pearse Gibbons from Waltons. They proceed to have a drum-off whilst Croker stamps its feet and claps. By this stage some of the younger kids are visibly distressed but are being comforted by Brenda Donoghue. Then Ryan urges everyone to remember the true spirit of Christmas and introduces Father Brian D’arcy and Sir Cliff Richard who have a wee chat about intrusive media practices until Ryan gets them back on track by inviting them to grab a mic and make their way to the side stage where they perform ‘Mistletoe & Wine’.
    After that, Ryan relates an anecdote a caller to his radio show told him during the week about the greatest Christmas gift one could get, the gift of life. Cue an air ambulance roaring overhead and then performing a precisely executed landing beside the Cusack. A paramedic leaps from the chopper to requested audience applause clutching a coolbox with a bio hazard sign on the side. He’s wearing a headset. Ryan comes on the PA across Croker. “Please welcome Brian Mulvanney of the Irish Ambulance Service! Brian, as we’re short on time, please make your way directly to our theatre area to meet little Dylan”
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dylan Shields from Graighnamanagh was born with no spine and has asked for one from Santy (sic) every year since 2012 but Santy (sic) just couldn’t find or make a structurally robust one until now! Dr. Keith Monroe from Our Lady’s Crumlin is going to operate live and make little Dylan less floppy, his dream since he was sentient. Thanks so much Keith, on ya go, we’ll check in with you later. Big thanks also to the surgical support team assisting him from Waterford regional.
    Now, you can’t have escaped it unless you were on lock down in Portlaois but there’s a new President in the Whitehouse of America, following somewhat tentatively in the footsteps of the greatest ever Irish American president to have a book written about him by me. The St. Andrew’s College debating society are national champions and here to debate on the motion “That American exceptionalism abrogates a global consensus on Co2 emission trading quotas” is Ghislaine Blaindois from Andrews and Sonia O’Keefe from Saint Parnell’s in Drimnagh. Give them a big welcome!
    Finally, here’s a wee lad who may or may not have Aspergers describing a chemistry set in a weird sort of Home Counties accent.

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