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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Pathetic. I’m just staggered that the so-called Commission on water charges will be recommending – err, water charges. We are informed that we face fines from the EU in their absence, yet our fearless journos fail to mention that the outgoing Government deliberately failed to renew our derogation, in order to bring about just such a situation. FF/FG/LAB are a bunch of liars who treat the people of this country with utter contempt. We are not fooled, and they can stick their water charges up their collective hole.

    1. Walter Ego

      Time to get boots back on the street to remind the 90 TDs why they were elected. Especially FF and hold them to their election promises of abolishment.

    2. martco

      as I’ve said on here many’s the time… IF the water charges are dead and buried where’s all the resultant redundancies @IW?? it is a very very big lie indeed.

    3. Paddy

      The “Commission” was infested with pro-water luvvies, who were put there by FineGaeLabour with the sole purpose of recommending that charges stay. F.Fail have three months to come up with some way to vote to keep the charges, rather than have a referendum.
      If there is no referendum, then woe betide any of the 90 that were voted in on anti-water blusterings.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Read the column Gene Kerrigan writes for the Sindo, as I do every week. I often wonder how much more of this “Public Service” we can take from the chancred bunch of freeloaders we call our politicians. I can imagine myself dead in a ditch from starvation if they “serve” me much more.

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